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  • Premier Icon yoshimi

    After a few things happened last saturday night at a party was just wondering have you ever been very drunk, done stuff and been left feeling pretty devastated with your behaviour? So much so that youi’re worried about bumping into people, which is awkward as I’m at another party with most of them this weekend.

    Come on, make me feel better 😐


    Who did you sleep with?

    Premier Icon ton

    Oh yes – been there and got the t shirt on a good few occasions. depends what you did really

    Premier Icon binners

    Oh dear. What have you done? You on the naughty step?

    Get your apologies sent by text now, then you can laugh about it at the next party.

    Unless you did sleep with your best mates girlfriend, in which case it’s probably best to keep schtum

    never, the only regret i’ve had the morning after was not washing the fake blood off my hands before skillfully entertaining a fine young lady one messy halloween. the hand prints were a bit of a give away when we left her room to find her parents and most of her extended family over for a get together she had forgotten about


    Never….mainly coz forgotten in drunken vodka haze!

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    Yep, on the naughty step, outside in the rain!

    Didnt involve violence or offending anyone, nothing like that – just enjoyed myself a bit too much…………I do go out quite a bit, drink, have fun but last saturday was a bit over the edge..I was being fed all sorts of huge shots tho

    Yup, got mashed, threw up over freind’s brand new 3k sofa, slept in her bath overnight.

    A very forgiving woman my freind.

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    Get your apologies sent by text now, then you can laugh about it at the next party.

    done, but no reply 😳


    I forget 😳

    Seriously, I reckon very few people haven’t. Particularly when younger and learning about how much alcohol you can actually handle and getting it very wrong a few times…



    dinnae worry then. so you were a drunken arse – so what.

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    Deadhero – yep, that would describe part of the night

    Ah, it’ll blow over, just feeling a bit of a knobber

    done, but no reply

    Oh dear…

    Let’s see the pics then


    Drive to the next party? It’ll let people know that you know you were out of order, and don’t plan on repeating it.

    Although on most occasions your own opinion of yourself will prove to be far worse than anyone else’s, they’ve got more important stuff to worry about. Well, unless you punched someone’s gran.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    copied and pasted from an email sent after last Saturday night:

    No problem [b]redacted[/b], we all fall off the booze precipice from time to time 🙂


    Many a time when I was younger. It normally involved blurting out things I was thinking, but should not have said in public 😆

    Waking up in the morning and hiding under the duvet, is not a nice feeling.

    Thankfully, I no longer ingest bolivian marching powder and I am much better behaved as a result.


    If I’m honest I’ve regretted nothing that I’ve done drunk or otherwise.

    There have been two girls who offered that I wish I had though 🙁

    Drive to the next party?

    Driving to work this morning behind a young chap, he kept going fast, then slow, had his rear wiper on, even though it wasn’t raining, . . then he went to turn right into another road, but went to the right, into the oncoming traffic as oppose to the left hand side, then he was going up the grass bank . . . . 😯


    Me i’m a total arse when drunk, i did the same Sat night at a Haloween party…


    I once drank too many double G&Ts and ended up living with this messy alcoholic chain smoking mountain biker called Binners who is now also going to be unbearable as he’s stopped smoking….

    …. can I come to someone else’s house for tea?


    It’s character building.. if you can’t laugh at yourself then you probably shouldn’t be drinking..

    Drunkenly embarrassing yourself and then facing the music is fantastic for the spirit.. on my last occasion I wee’d in my mother-in-laws favourite slippers..

    Premier Icon psling

    I always thought meeting up with the same people at the next party and talking to them was the only way to find out what you actually did do at the previous party 😳

    Big Dave

    ever been very drunk, done stuff and been left feeling pretty devastated with your behaviour?

    Done lots of stupid things when drunk over the years. Posting a five bar gate through a mates open bedroom window stands out as a highlight, as does the night I ‘acquired’ a six foot starting handle from an electricity sub station. I’ve also been very rude to people a few times but as I’m quite a bluntly spoken individual at the best of times when sober its never bothered me. Everyone has to make an asshat of themselves at some point in their lives.


    The “Castle rock” event in Aberystwyth had been an enjoyable boozy summer afternoon for many years. In 2009 I went. As far as I know it is still patrolled by police officers confiscating all alcohol. I can’t remember what I did – I can’t remember anything of the previous 48 hours either – although I did have a chipped tooth when I finally woke up.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Drunken lewd act with my mates (female) flatmate – the ugliest fattest woman in the world.

    I could have kept it secret until she ran out into the bathroom and woke said mate up with all the (how can I put this) loud hawking and spitting noises.

    Got pointed and laughed at for months.


    TJ you are a strange one you seem happy to forgive drunken behavior yet are so critical of people who have a misogynistic sense of humour for example. How do you know thet werent drunk when they posted?


    Yep, loads of stuff I really cannot divulge in public. If I did, I’d probably have to evacuate this forum forever.


    ohhhh do tell 🙂

    I’ve done a few things but in the grand scheme of things no-one really gives a toss. It’ll blow over and get forgotten soon enough. If you’ve text people they are probably just letting you stew, bit mean but I’ve done it before 😀


    yoshimi – you have to tell us more. Please! 🙂

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Sometimes regretted things I didn’t do, but not things I did.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Did you take acid and do a poo on the carpet in front of everyone?

    If not, I wouldn’t worry too much.


    hora: There have been two girls who offered that I wish I had though :sadface:

    …why? Every hole’s a goal ‘n’ all 😉

    Oh gawld.. I’m gonna get accused of being sexist now. I am. Oh gawld. :runs for cover:


    I’ve done a few things but in the grand scheme of things no-one really gives a toss. It’ll blow over and get forgotten soon enough. If you’ve text people they are probably just letting you stew, bit mean but I’ve done it before

    Yep, spot on. My rule of thumb after receiving a paranoid apology from a hungover mate is to first ignore it, then slowly crank up the pressure by giving one word answers and acting very annoyed. 😆

    Your friends are your friends. They’ll forgive you and laugh at you. If they can’t do that they ain’t mates.

    C’mon, what did you do??

    I ‘found ‘ a chrimbo tree once , and ‘posted’ it into the pub via an open window . Never mix brandy and real ale kids , its not big and deffo not clever. Same night i dropped a poncetta pot plant into my mates shirt pocket , allegedly .And chatted up a young lady for my friend , which worked out ok for him short term.
    Just apologise profusely to everyone who was there . Simples .

    Premier Icon BoardinBob


    passed out at a party. woke up. started talking bizarre crap. got asked to leave. 7 years later I still cringe when I see people that were at the party 😳


    36 hours in police custody* is ample time to reflect on the folly of your actions…

    (*Followed by a Monday appearance up before the Beak)


    erm, just a bit :mrgreen:

    Got totally legless at a party at a big posh house somewhere, when I say legless I mean downed a boat load of vodka passed out in the middle of the dance floor, woke up outside on a hay bale and apparently rather annoyed a lot of people as well as hitting on the host youngest (still over 16 – I was 18 at the time) sister and making quite an impression on her – that didn’t go down well either 😆

    Seeing a Spanish bird when I was living in France, go a touch drunk one night – as you do – got into a argument with a German over my nationality, he said I was eurpoean I told him where to get off and explained in no uncertain terms I was British (might’ve mentioned a two or three historic victories) promptly spewed all over his white chinos and said Spaniard stormed off, now that was only the start of the evenings activities/misdemeanors! There was a particularly tidy Swedish bird that hung around with our group, and she took pity on me for the Spaniard storming off (having not seen the technicolour yawning or the argument), so we got erm “talking” as you do, well bugger me if one of the Spaniards friends didn’t see us. Later in a club I got a tap on the shoulder, so I turned around and got a cracking left hook from the Spaniard, now this was a bit of a surprise to say the least and ended up in a lovely black eye, and me falling over, taking down a couple of Frenchies and starting a bit of a rumble in the club 😆

    I could go on, but you all might get bored.

    Regret anything, nah not a chance, it’s life just get on with it


    This thread really has given me the appetite to get royally pissed and act like a loon. 😆

    I literally can not remember when the last time was I did that. It must be years and years and years ago now… 😐

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