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  • Drunk purchases…
  • aphex_2k

    Come on, ‘fess up. Who here has clicked on something and bought it when drunk…?

    I just spotted a $275 purchase of raffle tickets I did last night to win a $10k bike. I meant to choose the 5 tickets for $55 option but chose that option x5….. Yikes. Fortunately, they sorted it and I don’t have to explain this to SWMBO.


    I signed up for an Ironman, once.


    Bought an S-type Jag.
    Had no idea the morning after until my housemate told me.
    Got a good price on it mind. 😆

    Premier Icon eddiebaby


    Tom B

    I bid £600 on a charity auction to go for beers with an England Rugby player at a Christmas party last weekend and promptly won….was not feeling great when I’d sobered up the next day….I’m skint as it is!!!

    On a night out a few weeks ago googly eyes came up in conversation. I purchased a pack of 2000 googly eyes in assorted sizes on amazon. These have come in very handy in the office over the Christmas period.

    Premier Icon househusband

    A one kilogramme ingot of pure copper… does make a great paperweight!

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    An inbred frame on here, (not a lot of money, but It was money I really couldn’t afford at the time) even had the chance to bail out of it the morning after, but I didn’t want to lose face.


    Nope, none of those. None at all.

    Lol, I have to laugh at this post. Found myself in this situation last night, £200 for new cycling shoes is cheap at 1 in the morning

    Premier Icon Pook

    CX race entry. Resulted in me also needing a CX bike.


    A handmade backgammon set
    Return flights to the UK from Oz
    Following on from Aphex about $50 on raffle tickets and shouting about $200 of food for some brewer mates as they were contributing beer – not a month where that was sensible


    A Land Rover Defender.

    … I wonder if the reserve is over €9000…

    Oh, it is.


    A trials bike, with an engine and everything.


    I’m banned now. In no specific order, a RS4 (!) in my defence I’d sold my company and had been on the bubbles, saw it, bought it. A painting that is frankly shite. A driving experience thing which was alright and most recently a 2 night stay at glen eagles with a M5 to drive there, golf etc which actually was a bargain but not exactly on the fiscal plan!
    Oh and 2 bikes or part bikes. One almost fits me….


    A donner kebab


    ElShalimo – Member

    A donner kebab

    I’ve evolved so highly that the half eaten kebab I wake up with on my pillow is now a chicken shish.
    Go drunk sbob! 😀


    This arrived the other day.
    I’m still not entirely sure how it happened but I have a vague recollection.


    I checked my e-mails one morning and discovered I’d bought a canoe from amazon whilst drunk the night previous. Another time a packet came through my letterbox and when I opened it, it was the Greatest Hits of Slade. Which I have no recollection of ordering.


    Bobario the canoe is brilliant!

    Premier Icon penguinni

    A drum kit.

    Beat that

    Badum tish


    A “spare” rx8 to match my other one… Bid £250 and won because it was listed wrong. Realised it was going to cost £200 to get it to my house and fessed up and told the guy about his error so he was happy to relist and forget my purchase


    Having never been drunk a day in my life, these are well and truly hilarious!!


    A yacht.

    Put a cheeky bid on a GRP folkboat with newish sails. Only went and “won” it.

    Bloody brilliant boat


    My mate reminded me he bought a turbo trainer from America. Trainer was cheap, the $180 of postage wasn’t

    Enve wheels…
    Honestly, drunk shopping is probably what keeps the carbon wheelset industry going, as the prices are ludicrous! I’m amazed how many are out there! They are ace though 😆

    Tan wall tyres – 😳

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Talking about an album I really liked in the pub one night, the consensus was “that’s not their best work, this is.” When I got home at like midnight or something I ordered the CD.

    Got up the next morning, and the box was through the letterbox. I couldn’t for the life of me work out how a CD we’d been talking about the previous night had miraculously appeared the next morning, I thought I was being eavesdropped by Google or Facebook or something.

    Premier Icon timidwheeler

    Day before yesterday, a Worx pressure washer and two pairs of Adidas Terrex cross trainers.

    Bloody PSA’s!

    Premier Icon funkmasterp

    A slam man

    Premier Icon Caher

    Booked a night on for somewhere I did not want to go. Did not go either.


    Few years ago I meant to stick a bid of £123 for an old Alfa on ebay just to keep an eye on it as you get outbid notifications etc on your phone, knew it would go for more so was purely just to keep a wee eye on it.

    A week passes and I forgot about it till I found out I won it, seems I bid £1234 by mistake… The seller phones me up almost instantly as the notifications pop up on my phone as well to talk turkey as I’m still getting a grasp of what is happening.

    It ran ok enough for 3 years as well, till it turned in to a a rustbucket and was scrapped, worked out alright.

    A Gibson SG which I’ve hardly played.


    The other night a went out with other cyclists I know for our usual annual drinks.

    I was persuaded to sell a hard tail Ive built this year I then came home and spent the funds on a new XC race bike.

    I don’t have any intention to race XC. Ever.

    A Fender Strat Delux which I’ve hardly played.

    A shitty 1990s Carrera Road bike which I’ve hardly ridden on accounts of already having a nice 1990s road bike.

    Both cheap though on account of them ending around midnight on Ebay.


    I’m just about to buy a porsche cayenne and I’m not drunk. After reading the horror stories about the engine reliability I think I need to be!

    Pff, amateurs; I bought a house in US Murder Capital, Flint Michigan, complete with a bunch of homies in gang colours looking casually dangerous

    A snip at £700


    A Glasgow corporation double decker bus sits in the yard at work courtesy of our sales manager e-bay and southern comfort, and yes he has the license and insurance to drive it

    Premier Icon doomanic

    Whilst in a “coffee” shop in Amsterdamn I slapped a cheeky bid on a rebreather and won it.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    Laughing @jivehoneyjive I’ve been to Flint MI a couple of times and you overpaid by many times!!


    Mostly flights.. think the most expensive was a flight to South Sumatra. Can’t remember any though else in particular..

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