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  • drum kit sold… new one on order
  • How do you rate that cajon ?

    My 12 year old wants one. Plays standard kit and various stuff in a samba band. Wants a cajon now.

    as wooden boxes go, well, it’s a wooden box 😉

    It’s fine for the price – I think I paid £80 for mine (that model BTW)

    Certianly more use in a samba band than a rock band, unless you decide to do the old “unplugged” shows

    it also kind of looks ok as a piece of art/furniture in the front room. If you’re the kind of person that has acoustic / classical guitars on show, this would work equally well.

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    I don’t know what a cajon is but I like the packaging, what’s inside?

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    <orders cajon>

    so the big beast of a Mapex kit I was selling went for £350. So now I am without drums. Well, I have one, my upgrade snare drum.

    however, I now have one of these on order:

    hope it arrives when they say it will arrive… next band practice is Tuesday night, if it doesn’t arrive I’ll by using my cajon instead (oo-er missus)

    a cajon:

    you sit on it and play it with your hands, a bit like the guy on the suitcase in the irish sausages advert


    it’s a box

    to be fair, the front panel is much thinner than the sides, top & bottom; the backplate is similar to the sides, but in mine there’s a 4in circular hole

    The front plate has little “snares” across the back of the top 3-4in, this is where you get the ‘snare drum’ mimicking sound; the rest of the front plate is used to play the ‘bass drum’ and ‘tom’ patterns. all of this with your hands. Feet can be used to apply damping as required if you have the skillz.

    if you imagine a rock beat such as We Will Rock You, which goes “1 and 2, 3 and 4, 1 and 2, 3 and 4” and so on, you’d play the “1 and” and the “3 and” with both hands on the lower part, and the “2” and “4” with both hands on the top edge, with a slight delay between left & right to get the flam effect that Roger Taylor gets on the snare drum. With me?

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    No kittens?

    <unorders cajon>

    kittens could be arranged, but they might climb out of the hole at the back

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    No kittens?

    Schrodinger’s Kittens?

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