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  • Premier Icon Northwind

    Merlin have Reverbs at about the same price as a KS (£210 less %10 at checkout).

    I’m assuming you’re going for the remote rather than the lever version… My KS i900/Dropzone didn’t work well from new and ended up needing rebuilt completely, which took a bit of persuasion to get a certain 8-legged distributor to sort out, but since then it’s been fantastic. Needs more TLC than my gravity dropper and weighs more, but has more drop and isn’t fugly.

    Bought a reverb this week and used it today and there is no way I am going back to a normal post!


    Save up and buy a Reverb. It has completely transformed my riding and made me glad I didn’t sell the bike that I thought I didn’t like.

    I have absolutely no experience of any other post; however my riding buddies do and they have all sold their other brand posts and gone Reverb…it will go down as one of the best things to happen to MTB along with suspension and disc brakes.

    IMHO 😉

    Premier Icon Northwind

    FWIW of the people I know, more folks have had troubles with Reverbs than with KSs. Though mostly it’s been the stuff that’s supposed to have been fixed with 2012 and they’ve had good warranty support.


    Thinking about splashing out and getting a dropper seat post.
    Anybody got any thoughts about the Pure Racing Dropzone.
    The cupboards not very full at the moment and can’t stretch to a Rshox.


    I’ve been using my xfusion hilo on my 456 for about 7 weeks now in the mud and rain with no issues, now looking for one for my FSR and came across this last night http://www.wickedcycles.co.uk/x-fusion-dropper-seatpost-with-remote-1967-p.asp
    £150 notes I think is a bargain for the hilo…


    Run your saddle an inch lower that normal, save yourself half a kilo, £200, and a lot of hassle.


    I doubt very much youd save half a kilo,closer to quarter a kilo maybe if your lucky. Haven’t had any hassle whatsoever on my Reverb (2012). If you can afford it, go get one, one of the best upgrades IMHO

    Premier Icon nickjb

    Run your saddle an inch lower that normal

    That’s exactly what I did for years before getting a dropper post. The dropper post is much better.

    Was a sceptic but I love my Reverb, it’s transformed my riding. Amazing accessory.

    Thomson to Reverb weight difference around 270g.
    Ability to go from full pedalling height to 125mm drop, via anything in between, with a press of your thumb = priceless.

    Premier Icon Alex

    Had a hilo on my ST4 (not many 27.2 dropper posts around) for nearly a year. Ridden through the filth of winter. No issues at all. Didn’t have a bar operated lever tho.

    Just bought a reverb at £195ish for my 456. Tried one on my mates 5 and thought it was brilliant. Yeah it weighs a bit more than a normal post, but having ridden the 456 without one for a few rides, I really missed it.


    Reverb. Nothing else is as good quality. It took a long time for me to be won over by dropper posts, simply because they were coming back every week in the shop I was working in. Every Joplin we sold came back without fault. The Pure ones are similarly bad.

    The Reverb’s not perfect by any means, but is by far and away the most reliable. You still have to pay more attention, and they do weigh a lot, but nothing else comes close.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I’d save up and get a 2012 Reverb, there are often good deals around.

    They’re great.

    Premier Icon Ming the Merciless

    3 KS posts in the Imperial household and only my 2 year old heavily used and abused one has gone back for repair under warranty.

    Run a mudguard in winter, keep the stanchion clean & fork juiced, and regularly flush both ends of the cable assy with GT85 or similar to keep the remote action smooth.


    skywalker – Member
    Run your saddle an inch lower that normal, save yourself half a kilo, £200, and a lot of hassle.

    1.Running your saddle an inch lower is nowhere near as good as getting it right out of the way – its made a massive difference for me.

    2.Running a saddle at a lower height than optimum is bad for the knees.


    merlin are selling reverbs for £188


    Guys…skywalker is a troll, don’t feed him.


    I recommended the KS posts, I have a i900r (nearly 2 years old) and a i950r (about 1.5 years old) both still work great, cable system is simple but I have had to fettle the lever under the 950 as it’s rear facing it can get gummed up and stop releasing.

    Premier Icon momo

    I’ve had my Reverb for a couple of months now, complete revelation, one of those products that makes you wonder how you managed without one for all these years.


    Loving my xfusion Hilo, only had it a couple of weeks. It’s amazing what a difference it makes to your riding and the convenience is second to none.

    I made todays ride at Gisburn a lot more enjoyable, currently running a lever but got a conversion kit for the remote!


    Herman Shake

    For those on a tighter budget there’s a cheapish GD copy from Deutschland about on ebay H E R E

    500g, 85mm travel range, 27.2, remote and about £90 all in.


    I thought the Reverb was expensive till I tried one. One 5 min ride and I was sold.

    £185 action.de

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