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  • Dropper seatposts: what they like?
  • AdamW

    So tell me about them and if I should have one. The seatpost on my Fuel EX9 is creaking something chronic so while I clean it and regrease things my mind has started to wander.

    Jedi told me they were fab, which in my books is like being written on tablets of stone, kissed by Angels and carried by Welsh virgins (hard to get those, trust me), but I wonder what other people think!

    Premier Icon roverpig

    Each to their own. Before getting one I couldn’t see the point, now I can’t imagine riding without one.

    Premier Icon JoeG

    I darn near cant ride without a dropper now. I have 2…

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    If you do contoury riding with lots of little climbs and descents they are ace.

    If you do BIG climb, BIG descent, BIG climb, BIG descent riding then you might not get the full benefit. And I mean BIG.

    In terms of priority, they are more of a priority than rear suspension but less of a priority than decent suspension forks, proper tyres, disc brakes.

    They defo improve your flow though as you’ll drop the saddle where you you wouldn’t bother with a bolt or QR.

    I think the cheaper (£70 TMARS and £100 ice drop) posts are great for the money. I have a TMARS but probably couldn’t justify a reverb to myself.


    Jedi told me they were fab, which in my books is like being written on tablets of stone, kissed by Angels and carried by Welsh virgins (hard to get those, trust me)

    i love both my uppy downy posts. locally i use it more than my gears

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Imma buy a second one ASAP. They’re ace.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Depends what you ride surely…
    Me, I kept forgetting to drop the thing.
    Also felt very stiff on my ht, so went back to the Thomson. Must be my age…putting comfort first.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    When I ride my rigid XC bike, I miss the dropper post more than I miss the suspension- riding without suspension is fun, riding without a dropper post just feels daft.

    They’re not for everyone, but for me, they’re fantastic. Basically a little lever-operated flow device/leg rester- and if there’s 2 things I can always do with on a ride, it’s more flow and less tired legs.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Wasn’t sure before I got one. Got a cheapy one this time last year (Forca Vario) and loved it. Riding one of my other bikes without one now feels proper odd. Have recently switched up to a Reverb and it’s another step upward IMHO – smoother, stiffer, and will hopefully take less looking after than the Forca.

    If you go for one though, I’d say deffo get one with a remote.


    I always said i’d never buy a dropper post (still using slow release on my bikes) and true to my word I haven’t. I have found a loophole though, and i’m allowed to buy a bike with one fitted. Which is what i did. It’s due any day now and i’m looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about (and leaving the 5mm allen key at home).

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    I was undecided. Jedi suggested one for my wife but mentioned to her that my riding style does a fair job of compensating for my post being a bit in the way.

    I’ve just had a second ks lev (27.2) delivered.

    I’m convinced.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    I use mine less than I expected but when I do want to it’s a godsend.
    Wife loves hers & it has transformed her riding for the better.


    I was always to lazy to drop my post for decending technical stuff, then when i ordered a new five Am i treat myself to a dropper post i realy couldnt do without it now and its definately transformed my decending and made riding even better fun than ever before IMO 🙂


    Love my reverb, thinking of getting an xfusion for my other bike, any thoughts?

    Premier Icon nickc

    Conversely I can’t stand not having the saddle exactly where I it expect to be, The only time I ever drop the post if for really really steep stuff, and then it’s quite nice to have that moments pause at the top as I undo the QR just to scope out the line! 😆

    I love the fact that mountain bikes can go from massive techno-fest full sussers with remote lock-out and changeable shock rates, almost auto dropper posts, and then all the way through HT out the other end to fully rigid, and everyones having an ace time.


    I’ve gone full circle. Bought one, loved it, decided to buy another 2 for my other bikes. Then one broke and I sent it off as warranty, and started using a normal post again and I haven’t really missed it. Don’t even have a QR, just try to adapt my riding a bit.

    I think its a great idea anywhere thats steep, jumpy, droppy etc, but for normal mincing xc type stuff I wouldn’t miss it.

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