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  • Brown

    I’ve got two X-Fusion Hilos for sale. One’s 27.2, the other’s 31.6. Both have 100m of infinite drop, are about 400mm long and have both a remote and under-saddle lever.

    The 27.2 post is about 20 rides old, and the remote lever is fairly scratched from flipping the bike over etc, but works fine, although you’ll want a new cable (normal gear cable). The ‘body’ of the post (the bit that goes into the frame) is a little scuffed, as you’d expect, but everything else is fine.

    The 31.6 is about 5 rides old. Again, the ‘body’ has the expected scratches from instertion, but the remote’s not been used and the rest of the post is mint.

    £100 posted for either, email in profile.


    Can I have some pics of the 27.2 post please. email in profile.


    Pics of the 31.6 please


    very interested in either or maybe both! but mainly the 31.6 do you have the under seat lever for that one?

    can do paypal or bank transfer thanks don


    I’ll send pictures as soon as I get home from work tonight.

    I’ve got the under-seat levers for both.


    Premier Icon vincienup

    If the 27.2 survives the above, I’d be very interested …

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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