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  • Premier Icon kimbers

    gravity dropper

    bit clunky but the lightest and most reliable dropper post out there

    if youre unsure buy a s/h one, gravity dropper will refurb for you for 20 quid plus postage to the USA

    Premier Icon Clobber

    think thomson are bringing one out


    Gravity Dropper, KS Lev and cheapo GD copy. Others too, probably.


    Yep, Thomson are bringing one out. I reckon it will be here by 2020, which is good because if you start saving now you’ll be able to afford it!


    Very pleased with my Hilo. It’s on a Soul with a 27.2mm seat tube.

    Was a little concerned about the quality before buying but I stopped worrying when I received it. It has solid construction and good finishing. There is little side to side play.

    I use the cable remote and it works adequately. I would say that the remote and the cable are probably the weakest part of the kit. The cable has a bit of friction to it, so the lever action isn’t that positive. It doesn’t affect the operation at all.

    I have been using mine since the beginning of the year with no problems at all. It has stood up to some medium sized crashes in that time. I plan to service it after the winter (something you can do yourself). I have just realised that I have never topped up the air pressure because it has never needed it.

    Overall a very good and reliable bit of kit. Considering I was able to pick one up for less than £130 at Wiggle I would have no hesitation in recommending it.

    Premier Icon fathomer

    What blahblahblah says, it’s not as nice as the Reverb on the other bike but it’s loads better than not having a dropper.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Very happy with my Gravity Dropper descender, but wanted to more drop and a remote option, so trying out a Traildrop post at the moment. Equally impressed, although after 4 rides its stared to get a bit of rotational play, so I’ll strip it for a good look inside..

    May yet sell the GD.

    Oh, +1 for Gravity Dropper customer service. my knob fell off (ooh-err), sent it to GD who stuck it back on, with additional fasteners, for free. And this was a third hand post, with no proof of purchase 🙂

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    I’m using a KS i7r and an X-Fusion hi-lo, both in 27.2mm

    Zero problems with either. 2 years on the KS, 6 months on the X-Fusion

    I’m looking to get a dropper post but unfortunately I need one that’s 27.2mm. I was looking at the X-Fusion model initially but a couple of people at the bike show mentioned that they had so far proven a little unreliable and one had been returned twice in 3 months due to manufacturing defects.

    Anyone else used an X-fusion post who can offer some feedback. is there anyone else making a dropper post with a 27.2 option?

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