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  • Drool This Way: A Lust Worthy Gallery of Hand Built Bikes
  • stwhannah
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    This year’s Bespoked organisers made a point of getting nice photos of at least one bike by every builder at the show. Because bike builders might be …

    By stwhannah

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    Drool This Way: A Lust Worthy Gallery of Hand Built Bikes

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    I’ll have the Coal, the Ra and the Sour please 👍

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    The Brother looks like a proper nice normal un-weird bike. Rather than bent extra tubes just for the sake of adding bent unnecessary tubes.

    I likey.

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    I love that Prova. It has to be inspired by a can of Modus Operandi – Sonic Prayer IPA.

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    I want a Ted James BMX but I’m scared to find out the price.

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    My favourite didn’t get a picture 🤷

    Ah well, I’ll just go to the garage to look at it 😉

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    I love that fatty, stunning.

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    Pretty sure that Auckland is a VHP with a forward axle path! The things we think up in the shed.

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    Ted James is the nicest looking bike by a mile

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    @tomhoward, this gloat is useless without pics 🙂

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    The finishing on that Cicli Barco is absolutely sublime. Best welding in the game.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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