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  • deadlydarcy

    Hence my comment to Cougar:

    …that looks a bit new…

    To be fair, google image search does not readily bring up an old shrivelled up chestnut. 🙂


    I’m pretty sure that any insurance would be invalidated if your vehicle is not taxed.


    Either get the current owner to put 6 months on it at your expense (this is what I do when buying a vehicle with no tax on it, most people are fairly accomodating), or get the paperwork, go to a post office and buy your VED disc BEFORE driving it.

    You can guarantee that if you try to wing it, something will go wrong.


    Or, y’know, since it’s an available option, just use the trade plates.


    My comment is due to the fact that the picture being shown is not that of a chestnut.. old or new.

    Epic fail is epic.


    As mrmoofo, section 10 (new keeper supplement) is what you’ll get off the V5. It definitely states on the v5 that you can temporarily use this tear off slip to tax the vehicle (not online).

    Got the ‘that old chestnut’ ,I’m now wondering if cheez0 is joking or stupid.

    You take the whole V5 down to the PO – after giving the seller the bit that he needs to say he no longer owns the vehicle.
    The PO will even send the V5 back to the DVLC for you …

    Premier Icon ratherbeintobago

    ‘Road tax’ a tax some people pay to use the roads

    Except it was abolished in 1936, and roads are funded out of general taxation.

    Vehicle Excise Duty is a tax some people pay for the pollution their vehicle generates.


    driving a car id just bought home from a sale wouldnt bother me in the slightest.

    ive done it before , ive been stopped , its always been insured.

    I always have all my docs and a signed and dated reciept from the previous owner. I also head to the nearest post office on the way.

    all i got was a 7 day producer to check i did get it taxed.

    only thing i wouldnt do is hit any main roads where anpr cameras are likely to reside – but since im in scotland they are few and far between.

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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