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  • Driving up to Aviemore tomorrow…?
  • Duane…

    Hi all,
    Considering driving up to Aviemore/Cairngorms for a bit of boarding tomorrow.
    However, Id just be in my Focus, standard tires, no snow chains.
    Bad idea, or should it be OK?

    And while we're on the subject, anyone from/around Edinburgh wanna get a lift (or give a lift), to share petrol cost?

    Ta, Duane.

    Worth checking this out…


    Was thinking of doing the same but last time I looked there was more snow forecast tomorrow afternoon in that area.
    So you may get there but not back.


    As of few days ago a9 north thru drumochter fine, but Aviemore area bit worse ie convoys at 30mph. Don't know current situation or ski road. took the GF near 6 hours Ayr to Inverness instead of usual 4. So allow more time. Here in Inverness been more snow past few days. Check traffic if you've not already.


    Went last Thursday from Edinburgh, 3 hrs to roundabout in Aviemore followed by 2 hrs from the main road to car park. Sat still for most of that until they cleared the road. Left Edinburgh at 6am, on the slopes for 11:30ish.

    Funicular only went half way due to high winds so it was Coire Cas all day.

    On the up side the snow was fantastic if a bit 'drifty'. Excellent day out. Go for it.

    Website recommends snow chains. Have a look over here for current info.


    It's all fine, there is more forecast tomorow night but it's all good, best conditions in over a decade. Shred the nar and pin it far far dude. ;-]


    Motorways are clear.
    Traffic problems are found on (with webcams)
    Snow conditions are out of this world. I believe they have had a meter in the last couple of days. for snow and weather conditions (and galleries to drool over !)
    Funicular was closed as the snow blocked the tunnel today.

    I'm just back from a day on Glenshee, and it was alpine conditions.

    I've never seen anything like it up here in years !

    scott b

    I'm seriously thinking about heading up on Monday night for a day of boarding on Tuesday. Need a bit of practice before serre chevalier on the 24th. Let us know what its like please..

    Have fun

    Premier Icon iainc

    came down from Aviemore to Glasgow last night. All roads are fine. Ski road is pretty busy – if you aren't up to Rothiemurchus by 11am the police won't let you up any further as the car parks are full by mid morning…

    Will be getting a bit quiter as teh week goes on as schools go back Tue though


    Pics from the gallery 29th Dec. Just add more snow.
    The conditions are simply amazing.

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