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  • Driving to and camping in France.
  • kennyboy

    Planning to drive to France in summer for 10-14 days camping. Looking for some sites around 1-2 hours from Calais that offer the large maxi tents.
    Been looking at Canvas holidays and Flower camping.

    Only asking in case we’ve missed any gems.

    Any recommendations for sites that are kid friendly and worth me taking a bike?



    Much better to be camp in France than in Russia at the moment!




    us ukcampsite.co.uk use mapsearch and read the reviews and look at the number of reviews.
    I found a good tip is to go on http://www.eurocampindependent.co.uk/ find a campsite you like, check out reviews on uk campsite and then book direct with campsite

    Van Halen

    We like it south of paris in the forests. Quite a few campsites some are even nice. Depending on what u like. Biking bouldering cider cheese and not too touristy


    Have you looked at camping cheques? You buy a cheque for £15 I think they are, which gives you 1 night on a campsite. The camping cheque website tells you which campsites europewide accept them. you can get deals where some campsites will offer 14 nights for the price of 11.
    My brother found this and made the most of it, and stayed on a campsite that costs £30/night, but because they accepted the cheques, he only paid £15/night
    There are a few restrictions, so some wont accept them during the easter holidays for example, but the website tells you all that.


    why so near calais? we stayed in some eco camping place in south paris cant remember name it was quite cool. car park for cars and reed bed filtered natural pool.

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    As a bit of a veteran I would suggest Britanny, especially the Southern coast. Ferry to Caen, Roscoff or St Malo, and treat the journey as part of the adventure for the kids. Look at Camping Life brochures. All the sites are kid friendly, all have pool, play areas, and all are fantastic fun. I always took the bikes. Google Ty Nydan for a site with some adventure stuff for the kids, and a great Cidrerie next door!!! Otherwise, go independent to save a bit of commission, and if you like it upmarket (although very few people who go to such sites are hard to holiday with) try Les Castels sites. Other great sites are the Grand Metrerie (on site petting zoo and goats) , Fousenant La Foret, superb secluded cove beaches and loads of local bird life, Carnac, (standing stones and wild beaches) Quimper (coastal history to die for) Benodet are towns to visit and all have loads of campsites nearby.


    Thanks for that. We’re traveling from North Ayrshire. Doing an overnight jaunt down to ferry / tunnel so for sake of kids don’t want to travel more than, say couple hundred miles into France.

    Premier Icon dknwhy

    We stayed here for a couple of weeks. Good family site with indoor and outdoor pool, kids club and play area.
    Across the road from a lake with a cycle path linking to other lakes.
    Not a huge amount in the local area but worth a drive to Troyes.

    They take camping cheques too (at certain times). You’ll need your own tent or book a chalet but even buying a tent, you’ll save on Eurocamp or similar.

    Lac D’orient

    We use it for overnights now on trips to the alps.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    If the kids fancy a day at Disney I can recomend Camping Du 4 Vents. Huge pitches, pool etc. Probably better for a road bike, given the terrain. Disney is 15 mins away.
    We are going back again this summer.
    It’s 10mins drive to the last Paris metro station, so ideal for a day in Paris, which was one of the highlights of our trip.!!!


    We’re looking at self camping in France this year having done the canvas thing for the last 2 years. Perhaps someone can answer me this, the electrical hook up for tents in France, is it the same round plug like on UK campsites? Thanks

    Premier Icon dknwhy

    @jekkyl – I’ve always found it to be the same plug but unless the site you’re visiting specifies, I would spend a couple of quid on the adapter just in case.
    We’ve stayed in probably 10 different sites now and not needed the adapter. Sod’s law would suggest that you turn up without to find that you need it!

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