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  • Dickyboy

    try it & see, if you do get problems then get new cassette?


    You might need a new derailleur hanger too.


    It’s probably just worn out, more than likely its a new cassette required

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    So your drivetrain is a year old? How often do you ride and how many miles and in what conditions?

    You probably need cassette, rings and chain. Also a chain measuring tool.

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    Ok, so yesterday my rear derailleur went for a trip around the cassette. I now have a very mangled derailleur, a buckled chain, and a busted spoke.

    If I replace the derailleur, and chain, will I have skipping problems with the old cassette? I can see no visual signs of damage on the cassette, and the drive-train is almost exactly 1 year old. This is a shimano XT 2x10sp.

    Don’t want to have shifting problems after replacing these parts.


    Make it single speed. You can ride it till the rings are smooth. 🙂

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    Given budget constraints 🙄 I have gone for a new mech, and chain. Looking again, the cassette looks in pretty good nic, but the derailleur is a mess, when compared to a new one, all the teeth are sharp shark fins.

    I have been thinking about how this happened. Just taken a small 1ft drop off, and as I landed, the derailleur got ripped up. I suspect the bounce, let the gubbins get sucked up.

    I’m hoping a new clutch mech is going to help. So the drivetrain is a year old, and through a surrey winter, around 800 miles, but I clean and lube regularly, so I feel the crankset and rings should still be good. Have to admit, I could have paid more attention to looking after the mech. Note to self.


    My drivetrain is coming up for two years, probaly only ridden 3 / 4 times a month at present. 😳


    I alwys look with envy at those peeps who post saying their drivechains have lasted multiple years and thousands of miles. I ride twice a week in (New Forest/Southdowns/Newforce/DRR bike club routes). I am a ‘sit and spin’ type guy too. I find my XT/SLX bits last about 8-9 months and then they start skipping.
    I use XT shifters (highly reccommended)
    SLX cassette, SRAM chains (1071/1091)and XT or SLX mechs.
    I’ve just got the new SLX Shadow Plus Clutch rear mech and I like it – so you could try one. There was a post on here a couple of weeks back reccommending bargain shadow plus at Merlin. I just got mine there, so you might have a look and see if they still have ’em for 39 quid.
    I recently tried TA Specialites Chinook chainrings in a double setup but they lasted no longer than my usual XT rings.
    I’d love to get some longer lasting bits if I could find ’em.
    Good luck dday, but I’m guessing a new chain will skip on a 1 year old cassette.

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    Urk, just spent 70 quid on the XT version. The 10 sp cassettes are pricy, and then, may as well change the front, that’s close to 300 odd quid for the full drivetrain. Yeesh.

    I’m learning the hard way here. Been on a SS steel framed inbred for years, can’t say I spent more than 20 quid a year on that. Now this FS is costing me a pretty penny.

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    an alloy cassette will wear quicker than a steel cassette

    the drivetrains that ‘last for years’ will most likely be the cheaper steel ones that everyone avoids on the grounds of being too heavy


    by alloy do you mean aluminum? (all cassettes are some sort of alloy)
    but iv never seen an aluminum one – do they exist?
    sounds like a daft idea if they do

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    I’ve just done cassette, front rings and chain – my 36t front ring is so worn it looks like Shane McGowsn’s smile. Whole lot lasted September – June so not terrible but not great. Its far from a cheap thing…

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