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  • Drive wear – An interesting conundrum
  • SiB

    Go singlespeed using the same size cog as the one you always use


    You sound like you need a singlespeed….

    EDIT: Beaten by 11 seconds, damnit!


    So you mainly use one at the front,and one at the back

    remind me again why you;re carrying the extra wieght of the cassette, shifters, derailleurs etc…

    edit, dammit this is what happens when you open more than one thread in a new tab and read the others first

    Mister P

    Can you buy just that sprocket? Or is the chain now too stretched to go on a new one and you will end up replacing that too?


    You wore your favourite cog down in just a few weeks?! You only replaced the big ring, you sure its not slipping on the worn middle chainring?


    All I ever use is the big ring on the front. 😉

    I appreciate singlespeeding is the answer but I’ve already got about 4. I do normally use the cogs either side on this bike when I go up a hill or down a hill but there’s not many on my commute.


    So i’ve got this bike, my commuter. it’s got gears and everything.
    The rear cassette started causing problems so I replaced it.
    few weeks later, the big ring and chain also started causing issues so I replaced them.

    Now I’m a bit thick so I stay in one gear most of the time so that particular cog on the cassette had worn out a bit and now no longer accepts the new chain (it skips under load). I have to use the two cogs either side of it. But I really like that cog and miss it.


    Do I

    1. Try and use that cog as much as possible to get it and the chain loving each other?
    2. Never use that cog and wait for the chain to wear down till it fits it nicely
    3. just replace the cassette again?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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