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  • Drive – did you love it or hate it?
  • Legoman

    Loved it, if only because it wasn’t the usual ‘blockbuster’ shite
    Stylish (mostly) & great soundtrack


    Loved the soundtrack, thought the film was ok, but the silver jacket was criminal and the vacant looks cringeworthy. Warrior was pretty good though!

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    Great troll Kaesae, great troll.

    Premier Icon richmtb

    Watched it again on Blu-Ray last night. Loved it.

    Its the best film Micheal Mann never made!


    I watched it again last night since after I started this thread I wondered what I would think of it second time round.

    It’s great, I like it even more now.

    The cinematography is beautiful to look at (not exactly original, but still massively refreshing compared to most), the soundtrack is just awesome, and I love how it builds and builds and builds, but never gets too carried away with itself. I like films that make me feel close to the characters, but make them unusual enough for me to watch them rather than imagine myself being them (sorry, don’t quite know how to express exactly what I mean!).

    Got the soundtrack too now. Was listening to Under Your Spell and A Real Hero on the way to work…buzzing 🙂


    All the class of a turnip!

    The film was appallingly inconsistent.

    Walking around for god knows how long with a blood drenched jacket disguised as an extra from a horror show 😯 dropping the robbers off in an american football game 🙄 , not a single gun to be seen and managing to get stabbed when you should have known it was coming, then turning around and stabbing the guy back 😆 .

    Rather than the dumb ass jacket he refused to take off or even wash, how about some kevlar armour?


    I didn’t like it at all, infact I actually wanted to leave a few times during the film, also it was the first time I have seen more than 15 maybe 20 people get up and walk out.

    For me it was a truly awful film and I would avise anyone thinking about watching to avoid it, plenty of good films about.


    In an odd way, Drive makes a good companion piece to Blue Valentine. Two great leads (Gosling & Michelle Williams in BV) & a fugging great soundtrack (You and me by Penny and the Quarters).

    Rather than the dumb ass jacket he refused to take off or even wash



    Film was OK, apart from the irritating ‘wizzardy-nook’ soundtrack…


    the film was all about mood, and if you didn’t feel it, then you wouldn’t have liked it.
    I loved it.
    The cinematography was just spot on – so subtle. This film should have been made in the 80s, instead of all the other dross that came out.
    The soundtrack is excellent too, but don’t buy it afterwards, it’s not one you would just sit and listen to.
    I saw it at the cinema so will be interesting to see what it’s like on the telly – bet it’s not half as good.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Soundtrack made me bloody cringe!!


    Thought It was ace but thought the Warrior was better , It also had music by The National in it. 8)

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