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    God no.

    Though I found myself questioning that at the weekend, where I was 1/4 mile from the peak of the hill I was on, but I had some water left so…

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    Highland Scotland? I’ve been drinking water out of streams for years.


    Probably the higher you go, the cleaner the water. Just wander upstream a ways first to check for dead sheep/toxic waste…

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    Nainosliw – Member
    Who drinks/fills their camel with water from natural sources like streams? Do you have any rules? …

    Yeah, look uphill. Loads of sheep or cattle think twice or boil it.

    Generally no problem and the higher you go the better.


    It depends where you are, I would say the heelands are as good a place as any but you can’t really account for what’s happening upstream, a dead Stag decomposing in a stream as often happens when they get down to drink and fall over in a confined space, they can’t get back up,

    Wales, unless you know the farmer has NOT dipped his sheep recently then again a bit icky as you can’t say for sure what’s in there.
    At the least carry some puritabs if your going to be adventurous.

    In a situation where some one is suffering from heat you could sit them in the water or stream lake or sea, that’ll get the temp down, but always try and carry sufficient water. The last thing you want to be doing is going Man down because you did a bear Grills ?

    While I’m here I’d might as well point out that there’s tap water on the red at Dalby, I pointed 3 teenagers there in the week as they were banging out the red with jump bikes ! No seats 😯 no T shirts on ? And them stoopid baseball caps that make the kids look like Ruprect !
    On and carrying no water between 3 on the hottest day of the year ?

    It’s in the field on the left where campers sometimes tent out near the blue thunder box in the field, you can see it as you pass by if any one is interested ?


    Who drinks/fills their camel with water from natural sources like streams? Do you have any rules? Always carry puritabs and a filter or just go for it? Or must it be boiled? What about different parts of the country? (I’m mostly interested in Highland Scotland).



    Camelbak are doing a new bottle that kills off bugs using uv light for water from streams…but at £100.

    You can’t beat a bit of this….


    my mate who works for Northumbrian Water told me about it, I’m careful where I drink from now!

    EDIT. & Crypto isn’t the worst thing in the water!


    Pretty sure people have been drinking water out of highland sources for quite a few years now, heck you can ever pay £1 for a bottle of the stuff with a nice label on it if its more convenient for you that way.

    Common sense prevails, but provided you’re not an idiot, very unlucky or have the constitution of a Surrey germiphobe, you’ll be fine 🙂


    Do you have any rules?

    Yes I always piss in a stream as high up the mountain as I can get.


    we always used to ‘dip the lake’ to fill our kettles on long fishing sessions..

    If your tea ended up thick and soupy, you knew you’d got a good boost of protein from a mug full of water flea bouilli..



    I drink Highland stream water. Never had any problems. Try to get to an area where the water has a fast flow through rocks.

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