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  • DickBarton

    Afraid I can’t gelp…I’m running Android and it is still in beta form. Saying that, I love the Ghost…doing a quick edit just now for a mate who’s daughter has learned how to ride her bike…whilst on the tripod, the kids knocked it over so it has it’s first battle scars now as well…

    Have you tried emailing them? Support@driftinnovations.com – they are normally very quick at responding. Actually email work but I suspect if you go on the driftinnovation.com and create a support account and raise a ticket, it will get responded to even quicker.

    Premier Icon FieldMarshall

    Yes have already emailed them and had an initial response.

    They confirmed that 170deg is the only FOV in the app regardless of what is set on the camera.

    I like everything else about it so maybe i can just live with the app issues, as wonder how much i will use that in reality.

    As once it is set up i will probably not need the app again.

    Premier Icon FieldMarshall

    Ive just bought a HD Ghost and discovered that the iphone app only shows 170deg FOV even with camera set to 90 or 127.

    This seems to totally undermine the usefulness of being able to set it up using the app, as you do not see the FOV that you want to record in.

    I also found that after using the app/turning off Wifi the display continues to show the 170deg view in the preview despite selecting 90 or 127 in the menu (and having 90 deg or 127 showing on the display). But it does record in the selected FOV but reverts to 170deg when recording is stopped.

    The only way to clear it is to turn off/on.

    Is this normal or is mine faulty?

    How much do you use wifi setup in reality?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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