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  • plumber

    Last year I invested in some strymon boxes which have been awesome and I would still like a el capistan

    love to try a klon centaur, Timmy OD, any JHS pedals



    i actually really like my boss me 25 multi fx pedal (i just need to start to delve into what it can really do).

    would also add axe fx (said that in amp thread too).they are meant to be awesome (and the fx also).

    also a roland vg 99 guitar synth wouldn’t go amiss either 🙂

    If you want to hear a Timmy, check out the Danelectro Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive – a very accurate clone that costs about £30. I have one that sounds great, also a Peach Fuzz clone (in the middle)

    I own my dream FX pedal – the ZVEX Fuzz Factory with the Theremin controller (on the right)


    I had a mk1 Marshall shred master. It was awesome, it got stolen and now they cost loads to buy off eBay!


    i would love a digitech xp series space station. they also go for silly money on ebay now: i remember when they were selling them at 40% off at my lgs, and like a fool i bought the rather less exciting modulator one. (also long since gone on evilbay).
    if you do have any of the xp series pedals, apparently there is a mod to get the sound options for all three pedals from whichever one you had: chip is the same in all three.

    I have my eye on the Moody Mushroom: d-i-y delay pedal (or you can buy a built up one for more) with an optical sensor that works like waggling the ‘time’ knob, and gives you sort of whirly pitch shifts to your sounds that you can do by waving your foot over the top.

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    I’m massively impressed with this

    25th April 2013 by -Cheesyfeet-, on Flickr
    (the DA-2)

    Many moons ago I had a Digitech Harmony Machine HM4, really wish I hadn’t sold that. Might have to see if I can get another sometime, but I always lusted after an Evantide H3000, for that ‘Passion & Warfare’ type of sound

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    Original Ibanez Tubescreamer.

    Rat Distortion.

    Gig Rig switching system.


    I’m not really lusting after any effects at the mo. May be a nice tremolo but not desperate for one.

    Current set up is this lot:

    The board is part way through making a home brew version so not quite finished in that shot. Bottom right is a Fuzzface clone that I built and the Midimouse is used for switching patches on an Alesis Midiverb II


    Actually, saying that, I’d really like an original Watkins Copicat and the skill to use it properly


    pog 2, akai head rush. very impressed with mxr blue box, awsome! oh, and anything by mooer, amazing value. tried a strymon timeline for a couple of weeks, very good, but i don’t think it justifies its price. the trouble with mosrt effects is they sound great on their own, but as soon as you stick em with bass, drums etc, it gets a bit lost…saw a band a couple of months back supporting white denim, both front men had the biggest pedal boards i’d ever seen, i reckon 8-10 grands worth, each. they only used two of em…

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