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  • DPX2 – change eye to eye length
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    Hi – I’m considering a frame change in the near future, and am currently running a 200×50 DPX2, ideally I’d like to take this with me onto the next frame but that runs a 210×52.5 – is it possible to make this kind of change in eye to eye length and stroke, or would it be too expensive to make it worth the hassle?

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    The next frame but that runs a 210×52.5

    Not a Specialized by any chance?

    Premier Icon kimbers
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    Fox can change stroke length on OEM dpx2s, coat me about £30

    But I don’t think they can change eye 2eye

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    210×52.5 is a “metric” shock, I think its a 210×55 with a 2.5mm spacer fitted to limit travel.

    200×57 is one of the older, non -metric sizes. You’d need a different body/shaft I think, wouldn’t be cost effective.

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    I’m after a 200×50 dpx2 for my Hightower if you want to do a deal?

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    Changing the eye to eye on a DPX2 is expensive. You need a lot of parts to do it and its not really viable.

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    Assuming a 2018 DPX2 you would need a new inner shaft, outer shaft, sleeve and body, plus a full service, to go from 7.875×2 to a 210×55

    Inner shaft £5
    Outer shaft £18.95
    Sleeve (non kashima) £74.95
    body (non kashima) £31.95

    2.5mm spacer?

    Full service £119

    Premier Icon prezet
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    Thanks @bigyan

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