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  • downtube protection?
  • Premier Icon nosedive
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    having destroyed one specialized frame with a flying rock strike I thought I would try and add some protection this time to save the frame.

    does anyone have any good ideas \ products? I see some carbon click on guards for sale on ebay but they look a little expensive. anyone any experience with these, or any other good ideas?

    Premier Icon singlecrack
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    Length of old tyre cable tied to bb/downtube

    Premier Icon Mark N
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    +1 for the old bit of tyre.

    Premier Icon fattatlasses
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    I’m using something called Shelter Tape on the downtube of my carbon Stumpy (it’s NOT the same as ‘copter tape) – only problem is that it’s quite expensive. TBH, if you’re on a budget & can live with the looks, the strip of old tyre is hard to beat.

    Premier Icon Trimix
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    +1 for tyre, or some inner tube. Looks business like.

    Or just some clear sticky backed plastic, from 3M. I got some A4 sheets of it, comes in various thicknesses and is sticky and clear.

    You can put a couple on till you get the required thickness.

    Premier Icon PaulD
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    +1 for the tyre, or a piece of hard-skinned mousemat with the skin outermost works well too.
    Cable tied seems to be the way.


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