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    Hi All,

    Going to start training shortly for a charity bike ride, I already have a resonable fitness on a bike. But others riding with me are only starting out their bike specific fitness.

    I remember a while ago there was a thread chatting about winter training videos for use on Turbo trainers. (RPM or Spin style training regimes)

    So… Do any of you have links for fully downloadable training vids ?

    The format shouldn’t matter all that much as some have multimedia Nokias, and others have iPhones for vieweing them on, so something generic would be great.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Cycling Videos

    Just got downward spiral and it is ace

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    Not sure the sufferfest vids are apprpriate. these are intervals sessions, whereas, it sounds like you co-riders need more long steady distance (LSD) in their legs.

    LSD rides (and even tempo rides – i.e. faster paced) are pretty tedious on a turbo. Best approach for these is to watch a film or TV programme or similar.

    Intervals can be useful, but smashing yourself into a gibbering heap on a one hour intervals session probably isn’t the best way to develop the base fitness needed.

    Base first, then top end.

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    As a supplementary point, what’s the ride you are doing, and what sort of diatnce/climbing/terrain will you be doing each day?

    Just interested, and it might help identify the best way to help your co-riders train.

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    Thanks so far guys.

    We havn’t yet decided on a route yet, but top of the list is looking like a coast to coast across scotland.
    The current favorite plan is Aberdeen to Skye, on roads mainly (and as many scenic B roads as possible)

    It’s looking like we’ll be doing around 60 miles a day for approx 4 days.

    I like the idea of a LSD programme and that’s what I’ll be getting them to focus on for the main part.

    On my ride home from work, I try and treat ride 1 (Tuesday) as an attack ride sustained for as long as I can over 15 miles. And ride 2(Thursday) as a high RPM day.
    I recently did the Pedal for Scotland and completed the 50 odd mile ride in 4 hours flat with a substantial break for lunch. So I’m not overly concerned with my LSD. Hence the RPM training.

    Hope this helps put some context round the initial post.
    Thanks again for your help.

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