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  • Peter

    I’ve had a Yeti 575 for 18 months now and it’s a great bit of kit and will do anything I want, which is what I required when I bought it. It’s light enough to ride the Trans Wales on, and burly enough for some big rocks. The (carbon) back end is a bit flexy, though.


    A few months after I bought it, the Specialized Pitch came out.
    Now, I’d have not bothered with the Yeti if I’d seen the Spesh first and saved myself a grand or so. I forgot all about this until recently. Now I’ve seen The Pitch Pro for sale for £997.89 and I’m seriously thinking of Ebaying the Yeti, pocketing a few (hundred) quid and getting a Pitch.
    Yes yes, it’s not as light but I don’t need that anymore. I have a SS for short local rides, a 140mm forked geared hardtail for longer rides, and the more burly Pitch would be perfik for trail centre days out and 2 planned trips to The Lakes and the Portes du Soleil this year.
    And I wouldn’t be so concerned with breaking it, either…….

    Anyone else done owt similar?

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Do it.
    I’d buy a pitch tomorrow if I could.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Been thinking of doing something similar, selling my 575 and buying a Reign.

    Going to swap the DHX on my 575 first and see if that improves the ride for me, but I wouldn’t have any reservations about trading my Yeti for a Giant, Spesh or Trek.

    Premier Icon Daffy

    I’ve tried downspecking my bike, what then happens is that you systematically set about upgrading ALL of the bits.

    Never works out IMO.


    I see you can’t just buy a pitch frame.
    although you could buy a pitch and then choose the best bits of either the pitch and your yeti and keep those, and put your second choice of bits on the yeti which you then sell, then it avoids the problem daffy mentions.


    Well that sounds extremely sensible.

    The pitch is a real trail tool where as the Yeti is a work of art.

    Like a Butchers cleaver and a Surgeon’s scalpel.

    I would keep the Yeti 😈


    Yeti is on Ebay now, complete bike. I’ve been offered a killer deal on a brand new Pitch Pro at an LBS, but I have to move fast……


    Daft apoth! I’ve ridden both and the pitch rides great when new but tires very quickly – as do most Spesh IMO.

    The Yeti will serve for years and is worth maintaining well.

    Goes of to watch ebay


    I’ve ridden both and the pitch rides great when new but tires very quickly – as do most Spesh IMO.

    I had a 2004 FSR before the Yeti and I’d totally disagree with that. Any well amitained bike will last well.


    Aye![yes]. In fact upgraded Had a boring blue mountain bike with motorbike wheels in orange plus other orangy bits Nice to look at yet was like a slug on the road Eventually many years later bought a Land Rover G4 Challenge [Tangiers orange] double suspension/double disc expedition mountain bike for roughly the same amount of money Do it! Have both now, nice to look at and a nice ride too!

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