Downed the last of my Pendreyn Madeira whisky – what next?

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  • Downed the last of my Pendreyn Madeira whisky – what next?
  • pguy78

    The christmas bottle from the Welsh in laws is gone and very nice indeed. But not sure what next, happy to experiment, current favourites are Glenlivet 12yrs or 15yrs or Belvenie doublewood. Happy with an Islay, but am I missing out on something? What do you recommend and the best place to buy it?


    Just opened a bottle of Longrow – very nice.


    Ardbeg – creamy smooth initial taste, peaty but no nasty lingering taste. It’s very pale in colour but lots of character


    Longrow very very nice indeed, all round to john_l ‘s place 😉

    For something a bit different try some of the Suntory Distilleries from Japan.

    I especially recommend the Hibiki 17 year old. really nice flavour quite complex but not at all peaty so if that’s your thing maybe not for you. The Hibike 10/12 and Yamasaki Single malt are also good but the Hibiki 17 is by far the smoothest I have tried.

    Aldi were doing Glenrothes Select Reserve recently, local one still has a few bottles left. Light, smooth, no smoke.
    Auchentoshan also turns up on the cheap shelf from time to time, Triple distilled which really smooths it off.
    On a trip to Oban, I visited the distillery and picked up a bottle and it was lovely. Never seen it anywhere else, but worth looking for. Very lightly smoked, a hint of salt, but without phenolic overtones of the islands
    Also worth checking out is Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban – Glenmorangie which spends some time in port casks which gives it a sweet, chocolatey finish.

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    Or another approach, spoil yourself with something special, e.g. Aberlour 18 yr old.


    My accidental discovery and all time fave is Royal Lochnagar Muscat Aged.


    For a relaxing time, make it suntory time…..


    If you like a bit of peat/smoke but are also happy with Speysides then you could do worse than try a whisky from Orkney. The 16 year old Scapa is excellent and Highland park is very similar. Having a mate who loves the stuff I’ve tried various ages but for me the 18 year old is the sweet spot in the range.


    Cheers for the advice will have a look around and see what I can find.

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