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  • Down tube hydration bottle / bladder
  • Im probably making this more complicated than it is but……
    The new hard tail (chameleon) has bottle cage bosses on the outside of the down tube. So for bike packing I can use a frame bag and still get a bottle / bladder on my frame and off my back.
    What i`m looking for is a either a bottle with a long hose so I can have a bite valve on the bars somewhere or a bag / frame thing that will accept a bladder.
    Ideally I would like about a 2 litre capacity to save stopping every hour to re fill.
    The Osprey hydraulics 2L bladder looks a nice size but need something to mount it.


    Premier Icon ajantom

    Blackburn Ooutpost frame bag will take a bladder. Works well for long packless rides…

    Hi thanks, but I have a Revelate frame bag but i want to keep it for my bikepacking gear and not fill the space with a bladder.
    Its a 17″ frame and the triangle isnt that big, so its not a huge bag.

    Hers the bike loaded up, i want to utilise the bottle bosses on the outside of the down tube just above the BB

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    I got framebag from Alpkit with an extra webbing loop and vertical divider so I can hang a 2L bladder inside it. Works pretty good and on my 55.5cm frame there is still plenty of room forward in the frame bag.

    I can’t see what other option you have for carrying water on the bike in a bladder, you could use the extra bosses under the down tube for a bottle but you will need to check what fits…I can get a 750ml bottle there (I always put my tool bottle there to keep pointy things out of my frame bag) but I got a 950ml water bottle this week and it is about 3mm from the front tyre so thats a no go.

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    You shouldn’t be going through 2 litres of water every couple of hours. Just carry less.

    Look at feed bags (mounted beside stem) to carry additional water if you really need it.

    Move the framebag stuff to a seatpack and store water in the frame bag or where the frame bag isn’t.

    Or wear a hydration rucksack.

    bosses indicated

    Im using feed bag and trying to get rid of the weight of a hydration pack off my back. I think a litre an hour is what is recommended hydration.

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    The human body has actually evolved a technique for determining how much you should drink. It’s called thirst. Avoid “experts” who would tell you otherwise.

    Ok thanks for that, i`m cautious who I accept advice from in general.

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