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  • Looking at getting one of these for a trip to canada of crimbo (-10 deg c)
    Anyone rate them or any similar priced alternative?

    1 of what?

    Rate my Rab coat highly

    Ha, Edited the title and removed the brand, looking at a montane north star


    I have a North Star, James.

    It will be warm enough for the temps you want it for, but it’s not a super warm down jacket, i’d put it more in the wearing-at night- when-moving-fast-in-the-alps category than sitting-by-the-campfire type jacket. You’ll notice the difference in weight and fit compared to other common down jackets (much slimmer profile). Looks good on and you don’t look like a michelin man wearing it to the pub.

    I love mine, it’s worn all year round, most weekends for everything from packing the car to draping over my sleeping bag when i’m cold on a summit camp in the middle of winter. Packs down small and has a good length (much better length than most i tried). Hood is excellent and the fit is really good.

    Sitting around, I’ll wear it down to about -3 or 4 with just a t shirt, then i’d look to stick on another layer.

    Cheers Peter I tried it on today and as you say the fit was much better than both the rab’s I tried (summit and ascent )
    If I can get go outdoors to price Match I’ll get it.


    Ive got a rab infinity endurance. Super warm and very light…packs away into its own stuffsack too. 🙂

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    I have an old Marmot one – no idea on the model, but given I have had it since the second half of the 90’s it is probably irrelevant anyway! Superb bit of kit though, it has done me (jeans, t-shirt and Sorell Arctic boots down to about -20/-25C in Arctic Sweden.

    I suspect anything from a reputable brand is going to be grand!

    Premier Icon Cowman

    PHD everytime. I have a Yukon Smock, made to measure, good to minus 15. Feels nice, box wall construction.

    Really not as expensive as you think considering it is made to fit, which by the sounds of your comments is important.


    LOVE LOVE LOVE my northstar!!!!!! wouldn’t be without it. Lightest affordable jacket by a long shot. been great for everything. but then I do run a little warm. I also have a Rab something or other from a few years back that i sheavier tougher and warmer but the fit is no where near as good.

    this looks nice too!



    Got a North Star for £90 in a sample sale and was assured it has the same fill as the production jacket. Even so, I was a bit disappointed with its warmth. Having said that, it’s bloody light, fits great and has a superb hood. Not too bulky on, either. Got an Alpkit on offer last year and I’m hoping it’s warmer, even though it’s bulkier. I generally use them for sitting around in camping barns and tents, not being active in.


    Ive got a rab infinity endurance. Super warm and very light…packs away into its own stuffsack too

    Got the same. It’s not been cold enough to wear it this year. Shame I got a large, I really needed a medium.


    @wrecker.. im usually a large in jackets but found the medium a perfect fit with long arms which I usually have problems finding. .


    mmm ,still rate my original Rab Andes jacket from 1986, still going strong after 25 years.

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    Late to the discussion but where are you going in Canada where it might only be -10C at Christmas? Over night low in Banff tonight is -22C

    Premier Icon RichT

    My mountain hardwear nilas is amazing. RRP is very high but I got it at outlet for about £100.

    Toronto, its almost tropical at present, 0Deg C and raining(although it is freezing rain)


    Rabs last for years. My old one is 15yo and working perfectly. If you are loaded or get real lucky (I had 60% off!) then Crux are obscenely lovely.

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    PHD……very light, very warm.

    I ended up getting the montane north star, and at -35deg c it kept me nice and warm, its also very light and packs down to a decent size.

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