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  • hugh_b

    I don't actually use the larger ring very much and for the type of riding i do i'd like to fit a bash ring. My chain comes off every so often on decents too. I'm looking at changing to a double ring with bash guard set-up.
    So i'm told i won't ned a new front mech, just adjust the end point screws on my current xt mech?
    Not sure weather to bother with a full on chain guide specific to the double ring set-up, such as the e-13 drs 2010 model or just go for a bash ring? It will be fitted to an orange five so no iscg mounts, do the e-13 adapters rotate around the bb like the old dmr chain guides used to?
    I've been looking at 36t chainrings, i assume anything 4 bolt and shimano will fit m770 xt cranks?

    Sorry for all the questions but it's a chunk of money to blow in one go and i don't want to get it wrong!

    222/36 bash seems common enough ( its what I run). Your mech will be fine and no need to have a chain device IME.


    I have a LX crankset with a deore 36t middle ring and a raceface bash and its perfect. No need to touch the mech – the chain can't shift onto the chainring.


    Exactly what TJ says…………………apart from the 222t BIG ring. 😉


    I just switched my Soul to a double & bash at the weekend as I fancied giving it a try. I had a spare Deore 48/36/26 so initially decided I'd take the middle ring from that and stick it onto an XT crank along with a 22t inner and a bashguard. Unfortunately the 36t wouldn't fit on the XT cranks so I ended up using the Deore cranks instead, with the 22t ring from the XT.

    So far it seems to work quite well and I'm not really missing the big ring (there are a few places where higher gears would be nice but it's not been an issue). I also switched to an 11-34 cassette so have just got a 24t inner to try instead of the 22t (although on the local rides I've done I haven't had to switch to the granny yet).


    24/36 with no bashring and a SLX double-specific mech – works perfectly.

    Premier Icon Shandy

    The Blackspire Stinger is a good alernative to a full chainguide if you find you drop the chain a lot. I'm pretty sure they do one that you can just fit inboard of your BB.


    22-30 whatever and bash for me, spin city. No need for a 2 ring mech, I got one and TBH its no better than a well set up normal mech. Shorter chain and rear mach with good spring should stop chain coming off unless you are pinning it down some proper bumpy bits.


    I found that if you use a bash then you don't need a double specific mech but if you don't then you do (if that makes sense)

    when you switch to the 2ring set up remember to shorten the chain – it will significantly reduce chain slap & you might find the chain stays on too 😉

    Premier Icon wormhole

    i run just this on my 5, one thing you may notice is the shift from granny to 36 can catch the swingarm!! mine now has a few dinks from this but the squat/sqish from the suspension normally means its goes ok on second try. I have run this happily for a while now, did notice that when i borrowed my bruvvers bike a while back that a 32 middle spun out!

    I've just changed my xc bike from a triple to a 24 – 38 set up at the front. All I did was shorten the chain slightly and adjust the outer limits of the front mech – did 3 hours of filthy riding on Sunday and the chain was fine, didn't come off, no chainsuck. Will probably do something similar for my other bike althoug maybe run 22 – 36 as I'll be doing more hills on it probably.


    thats great, thanks everyone! Wormhole, i think i'll look into the issue with hitting the swingarm a little more, thanks for the heads up on that!
    Can anyone tell me what 36t middle ring will fit the xt m770 crankset? CRC have an m761 chain ring and they say it fits hollotech 2 chainsets, thy also do a slx middle 36t ring which is for a double set-up only, would this fit?



    22/36 with a 11-34 cassette. Nothing I can't ride up really.

    Premier Icon FieldMarshall

    I run a double and bash on my Five with a standard 3 ring Sram Mech and it works fine.

    Started off with a 36/22 but have since gone back to 32 as found the gap too great and I hate going uphill in the granny so found the 32 better.

    Think 34 may be a good compromise but think they are hard to source.

    Never had any issues with the swingarm and can't picture how that would happen.

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