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  • Double Q – Sony headphone upgrade and streaming services comparison
  • I’ve now got my headphones working how I want them from my phone (Sony WH-1000XM3) 24/32 bits, 96khz, 990kbs is their best performance (LDAC) on Bluetooth. Streaming Radio Paradise FLAC, they sound great and also on Tidal or Qobuz Hi-res – better than I’ve ever experienced before, albeit I’ve never used high end wired headphones from a decent system.

    The questions being….

    1) Has anyone upgraded from XM3’s to XM5’s and was there a noticeable improvement?

    2) I’ve only just started using Qobuz on trial. Sounds great and you know what is outputting. To me there seems a bit more depth and clarity over Tidal and you’re not left wondering how your devices are dealing with unfolding Tidal MQA’s. Anyone made a long term switch from Tidal to Qobuz, or gone the other way and have any pros/cons?

    Qobuz I know your don’t get suggestions based on your mission choice, but they do offer a download service.

    Spending a lot of time on my own in the evenings (due to work location), so music listening is getting a lot of attention at the moment

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