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  • Double Glazing – Sheffield recs?
  • JonEdwards

    Need to get the windows on the back of our new (to us) house done. Want uPVC sliding sashes.

    So far had quotes from:-
    Company A: (did all the front windows, soffits and conservatory)
    Nice guy, not very sales like, not pushy. Want to put up scaffolding over the conservatory to access one window. Rehau extrusion. Quite expensive. Next door (who recommended Company B), said that before we moved in, the previous owners had Company A in to fix some bits and pieces, and I’ve had them back to replace a set of door hinges under warranty – very civilised to deal with.

    Company B: (did sliding sashes on both our neighbours houses)
    Very sales driven, Did a price there and then and was immediately offering to knock money off. Desperate to know when we would be confirming, and whether he was in the ballpark price wise. No scaffolding needed. “Legend” extrusion. Substantially cheaper than SW.

    So any thoughts/comments? Any other recommendations (I know there’s a fair few locals on here)?



    not the cheapest but very good sheffield window centre. really not pushy after the quote, as in no phone calls at all. very clean fitters, well the fitting was clean, and just overall happy and would recommend them.
    if you have a conservatory on the back and the window to be fitted is above then most will want some scaffolding dependent upon their h+s. i did ours with the brother in law years and years ago all from inside the room and then leaning out to finish it off, probably very not h+s!

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Find a local fitter willing to do day rate, then buy your windows from You’ll save a fortune. I did all mine with my mate who is a fitter, but he’s got a dicky ticker at the mo so isn’t working much over the summer, but if he was he probably would have come down from Doncaster to do them. Ours have been in more than five years and are still looking fine, and good as new when we can be bothered to clean them.


    avoid don valley, they’re ok but a bit half arsed

    avoid all of the big players like Safestyle everest and anglian as they will suck the life out of you during the ‘no obligation quote’ i.e. they won’t take ‘no’ for an answer!

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