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  • Double glazing – no packers used, how big an issue?
  • spacemonkey

    No idea, sorry. But WTF is your builder inside? Work-related?

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    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Depends on the profile of the frame.

    Are the units central in the aperture? Not a big deal to have no packers.

    Are the units sitting in water in drain channels? I’d want spacers in to keep them out of any standing water areas.

    My bigger worry is which other corners have been cut, lintels, cavity closers and mechanical fixings especially.

    Disclaimer: Not a pro but have fitted a fair few of my own.


    As I understand it, the packers are crucial to spread any load on the sealed unit and to lift it up out of any standing water in the frame; allowing drainage and avoiding the seals failing and the units misting up as a result.

    I’d get some fitted.

    Is there a risk the units are damaged removing them to fit the packers? I won’t be doing it myself.


    It’s not a huge job with upvc windows, I’d get some fitted, uneven pressure on the unit could cause others to go the same way


    The packers are used to keep the unit from sitting in water which breaks down the seals quicker. They are also used to toe and heel a window basically if he has not done this on any of your opening Windows once theframes drop which tthey will over time you won’t be able to stop them hitting the run up blocks or frame. the packers do need to go in.

    Been fitting the God awful stuff for 8 years lol

    Premier Icon brant

    I remember my dad did this when he fitted windows in our house about 30yrs ago and all the units failed in short order.

    We used a builder who’s now in jail.

    A few months back we had a double glazed unit spontaneously crack and on getting it replaced it turned out there were no packers underneath the unit.

    Having checked all the windows that were fitted it turns out non of them have packers.

    Is there a risk that the unit could be damaged if we get some packers fitted or would folk just leave it be?

    Cheers Brant, that’s cheered me up 🙁

    Premier Icon stumpyjon

    As Tony said it’s important to toe and heel the units on openers, especially any patio doors.


    Ben are you anywhere near the south east of uk?

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