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  • Double Glazing bods to the forum please !
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    Afternoon All,
    I’ve an issue with some of the double glazed windows in my house. The house is around 30 yrs old & I suspect on the original windows.
    Anyway, a few of the black rubber/foam seals on the inside of the units are starting to perish & “pop” out of the recess where they once would have been.
    The one in my kitchen is the worst offender where condensation is building up around the seal & its wet to the touch.
    The DGU’s themselves seem fine & are not fogged/cloudy (apart from one that I am not worried about atm).
    I’m selling the house at the moment so replacing the units is not an option & wondered if there were any recommendations for DIY ?

    Can the old perished foam be removed & replaced and or resealed over with some silicone sealant or can it be replaced by a total amateur ? (admittedly one with a good steady hand).
    Any advice appreciated.

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    It’s not massively difficult, first thing is to take a bead off one window and see what you’ve actually got. Loads of youtube videos showing bead removal.When you stick it all back together make sure the unit isn’t sitting where water puddles or runs, spacers help with this.

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    Have you got a ‘window doctor’ locally? Might be worth getting their advice, or seeing how much they would charge to sort it out for you?

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    Depends, is it foam on the inside or extruded uPVC strip. Is it eternally beaded? If yes there’s a good chance you’ll be able to deglaze the window from the outside remove the window security tape (the foam) and reglaze. If it’s extruded uPVC that’s gone good luck finding a profile for 30 year old windows.

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    Replacing glass is a simple job and much cheaper than calling a company out. Average size glass unit is only around £20 to buy

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    Thanks gents

    To clarify, the glass itself is totally fine, its just these black foam strips, on the inside.

    FWIW would it do any harm sealing over the strip that’s become damaged ?

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