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  • double and bash question
  • hi i have purchased a 2012 orange five and it is 3x 10 speed.
    considering going double and bash
    i am considering 26/40/bash on a 10 speed cassette
    would this range be ok or is it too much of a gap between 26 and 40?
    used to run 24,36 bash on a cove stiffee and it worked well
    #opinions and advice appreciated thanks
    p.s what should i ask for a set of rf turbine rings used once ££??
    cheers dtd


    Sram 2×10 is 26×39 or 28×42, which suggests you should be OK. Must say though that I find 26×39 quite hard to set up – shifts up at lowish cadence is tricky, but I still manage to drop the chain in the top ring fairly easily.

    thanks for that i notice the race face turbine 10spd rings for racers are 28 40 . so sounds ok . im just b umping them in a ring and fitting a bash so i hope chain line etc will be ok

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    Have you got clearance for that 40t ring? My older Five was restricted to a 32t /34t ring in that position, as the chain would foul the swing arm. This was quite well known issue at the time, but may well have been addressed since?


    Check your front mech. I went to double and bash and had to swap to a specific slx mech. My XT front mech could only handle upto a 12 tooth difference in ring sizes where as the slx one could cope with 14. I currently have 22/26 set up but will probably move to 26/40 when the current chain rings need replacing. The 36 can be a bit small and I run out of gears on the downs sometimes

    thanks all 😀

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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