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  • Don’t hate me (new gravel bike)
  • dickyhepburn
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    Genuinely love my Goldrush, brilliant on the badger divide, but also capable enough to do the beast in the peaks. Changed the bars for wider ones and added a dropper post, put on some x-wide Hunt wheels. It is just brilliant, off to gravel Dieppe to Paris and back in a couple of weeks, comfy, quick and capable. The geometry is spot on 👍👍

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    There’s some well priced bikes over at Merlin cycles

    I’ve one of the Merlin own brand bikes.

    It’s nice, light, well specced.
    It’s got quite narrow tyre clearance – maybe 40/42mm in the back.
    I’ve put a few thousand miles on mine, and it’s holding up well.
    If you ever want to run mudguards, don’t bother as the fork is missing half the mounts (!) and the frame mounts vary from tapped to random holes. And Merlin don’t give a fig about it.

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    Mason Bokeh

    Over £1000 above OP’s budget. What makes it worth it? (Genuine question)

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    My thoughts exactly. I did wonder when I asked for 1.5-2k (full bikes) why the bokeh was suggested. Nice though.

    Current list is:
    Canondale Topstone (available local at discount)
    One one Rujo (availability?)
    Titus Goldrush (good value)
    Nukeproof Digger (good value but not local)

    I guess the first look should be the Topstone as there are some available at a good local shop at a discount. So good support and availablity. Plus the whole local business thing.

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    So I’m testing the following, both in alloy frame version:

    Cannondale Topstone 1
    Giant Revolt 0

    Mostly because that’s what’s in stock in my size at my local shop. I like the look of them both but leaning towards the Topstone due to the Saab Vs Ford nature of the brand’s. Never had a Cannondale. Will happily get the Giant if it’s a better ride as they obviously know how to build a bike.

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    Cyclingtips have just done a bit of a group test of gravel bikes

    Our favorite bikes from the 2022 gravel and all-road Field Test

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    Thanks I did see that too. Looks like the salsa is popular. A quick search shows it’s hard to come by (as are many). Being small I actually need a small bike. It’s not like I can go for a medium with longer stem and post if I needed a large.

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    So tested both bikes today and settled on the Cannondale. Stem is touch long but the rest is great.

    Thanks for the advice.

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