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  • wysiwyg

    Bought an ipad from a kid on PB earlier, all went through fine except he didnt take the advert down or say thanks for payment. Which screamed scam.

    I’d paid paypal goods so was safe to mess with him knowing i’d get a refund.

    So logged in on another account and asked him if he would post the ipad he said was I interested?

    So using the paypal address I found a FB account of a woman, and they knew someone of his name, from one of his photos I got geotag coordinates and matched the pics of his bike to the garden on his FB photo of fishing tackle, the fence matched to a google streetview house.
    Bang to rights, a refund is now pending.

    So anyone getting scammed, check photo exif data 🙂

    Heres the convo.

    off-on-one says: Alright mate, can you post this?

    jordan63 says: yes i can

    jordan63 says: interested?

    off-on-one says: actually just saw where you are, there at weekend collection ok?

    jordan63 says: im away fishing for the weekend

    off-on-one says: ok then it’ll have to be post.

    can you give me a phone number and your address before I paypal the cash?

    jordan63 says: id prefer not to give them details out really. as ive done that once before and that night i had my bike stolen.

    jordan63 says: otherwise i would not mind

    off-on-one says: So when are you going to post it?

    jordan63 says: i can post during my lunch break 2moz

    off-on-one says: Ive paid

    jordan63 says: ?????

    off-on-one says: I said ive paid

    jordan63 says: ????

    off-on-one says: You really like question marks!

    jordan63 says: sorry i dont understand what your on about

    off-on-one says: I said, ive paid you, i look forward to receiving my ipad

    off-on-one says: This is you isn’t it?

    jordan63 says: no its not me

    off-on-one says: That’s odd, so you don’t live in Henley on Thames, Lower Shiplake? And you’re not related to N H?

    I can show you a photo of your house if you’d like to check that’s not where you live?

    jordan63 says: what you on about

    off-on-one says: Are you or are you not related to N H?

    Bearing in mind if you lie you will get a knock at the door and you wouldn’t want that would you?

    jordan63 says: no im not natasha im her otherhalf. dont threaten me please

    jordan63 says: this is you?

    off-on-one says: Earlier today you sold the ipad, you remember, or had selling it to someone else slipped your mind?

    Subsequently you have tried to sell that ipad again.

    Thanks to the power of the internet, I now know who you are, who you live with and where you live.

    So may I suggest you make sure the person who has paid for the ipad to receives it?

    jordan63 says: Who are you?

    off-on-one says: Who I am isnt important. The fact after selling it to wysiwyg you were trying to sell it to me is. That is called fraud, that is illegal and that could end with serious consequences.

    So will wysiwyg be receiving his ipad posted special delivery tomorrow with a supplied tracking number or will this have to go further?

    jordan63 says: well its between me and him not you. so go away. why you getting involved in something that has nothing to do with you. i know what fraud is and i did not try selling it agin as it was sold ealrier.

    off-on-one says: May I point you to the beginning of this conversation where I offered to purchase the ipad and collect. You replied I couldn’t but you could post.

    This all took place after payment from the other pinkbike member.

    That is trying to sell something twice, that is fraud by offering goods by deception.

    jordan63 says: Again its nothing to do with you. its between me and him but now thx to you i will refund his money as your interfering in something which has nothing to do with you at all.

    User Blocked

    He’s been reported to PB.

    <smug mode>


    Good work!

    Premier Icon chrismanc

    Wow..nice job! His head must of been well up his ass.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Well done. How you controlled yourself to not pay a visit to offer him a go on your bombers, I’ll never know.


    Detective Constable wysiwyg on the case! Excellent work squire. Most amusing 🙂

    Premier Icon turboferret

    Nice one 🙂

    Still deserves a heavy and underpaid parcel containing a brick 🙂 (no, not through the window, via a drop card and him coughing up at the sorting office)

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Good work 🙂

    Let’s hope his partner gives him hell for this. She’s got far more opportunity to make his life difficult over a long period of time…

    What an absolute turd.

    Who I am isnt important.

    Well done mate. This is the best thread and that is the best quote, ever.


    Why not report to the filth?

    Premier Icon Lifer

    Is this the plot to the next Liam Neeson film?

    “Who I am isnt important.”

    I’m sure that’s in the trailer.


    Send him a present??

    There must be a dog waste bin nearby you can empty??

    Apparently that can still be delivered by Royal Mail….

    Premier Icon wonkey_donkey

    haha excellent work!

    Great stuff…! What a pillock.


    why not report it as well as it is unlikely to be the first attempt and a visit from plod may well be enough to deter them from repeating this

    That said GOOD WORK

    Send Natasha a friend request on FB – seems that most people will accept any requests, then post the story on her wall


    Good work, I love an internet detective story

    Good effort wysiwyg, however until you post up a picture of him with a load of clothes pegs on his face, red circles painted round his nipples, or holding up a homemade sign with a humorous play on words with which he unwittingly tells the world that he’s a chap who likes his peas minted, you only get 7/10 from me.


    a local version of


    how do you get info from photographs?

    This deserved to return to the top of the board..

    Heehe shamon fraudster


    wysiwyg – i could do with your help on a problem i have. i’ve located an ad for my bike that got stolen last year. the auction ended without the bike selling so i’m hoping the ratbag still has it. getting the bike back would be a bonus although technically it would belong to the insurance company…but i’m hoping the plod con deal with him.
    how did you manage to locate your scamster as i’d like to try and figure out if i can get the geotag of the pictures in the ad so i can pinpoint where he is.
    this is the ad he posted

    Premier Icon Northwind

    This looks like great fun, I’m definitely going to scam wysiwyg, just to see him at work.

    Nicely done – impressive work!


    Hi y’all you can only get the geotag if it’s taken from a mobile phone or a location enabled camera. I just used chrome and clicked view exif. It then sticks up the coordinates on google earth.

    I’m on phone so can’t check, but as explained it’s quite easy if the info is there


    how do you get info from photographs?

    Look at them.


    Was that how the Yanks found Bin Laden’s cave then?


    Yeah from Ladens snapchat selfie


    Awesome work wsyiwyg!


    I assume you don’t have an iPad?

    I have many iPads for sale, at great price. There is a small problem in that the goods are held in a secure compound whose security was overseen by the late diamond magnate Sir Winston Smith. When the dear late Sir Winston passed he took with him to the grave the four-digit security code to the entire Ipad vault site. Through the tireless work of of family lawyers a distant relative of Sir Winston has now been located in Rangoon. Not only does the relative have the code for the iPad cache, but has agreed to bring it securely via aero-plane to the site and unlock the iPad treasures. All it will cost for this to happen is one airfair from Rangoon! The relative, I’m sorry to say has fallen on hard times as a destitute aristocrat. Nevertheless, anyone who has the wisdom and foresight to pay for his ticket will be a rich man indeed! With many many Ipads for years to come.

    email me in the first instance to


    You forgot the characteristic language: “I will not want you to worry, this is a genuine transaction, by God’s grace…..etc”

    Premier Icon njee20

    You forgot the characteristic language

    And you refer to it throughout as an iPad, for me to believe you then the iPad needs to change variously to a wedding dress, an anteater and a ski boot, before returning to an iPad by the end of your request.

    Mary Hinge

    Good work sir. Looks like it will end well.


    used chrome and clicked view exif

    Thank you very helpful il try that

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