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  • Donnington, Three Sisters or Oulton Park?
  • Mintman

    Craner Curves at Donnington is a great experience and when you take them well it’s very satisfying. It’s quite a wide track with a reasonable amount of risand fall in the track – it’s one of my favourites.

    Oulton Park is a bit narrower and twisty and that’s good – particularly well suited to bikes and smally caterham type cars.

    I’ve not driven 3 sisters so can’t comment.

    I’d simply pick the car that appeals to you the most. Donnington particularly has a mix of fast straights and tight corners so you’ll enjoy it regardless!


    Thanks for that. Donnington sounds like it could be worth the slightly longer trip then.

    Anyone else?


    It’s another ‘STW as the fount of all knowledge’ question…

    Got a driving experience thing for my birthday and I can choose one of the above to do it at – anyone got any thoughts as to which one would be best? Donnington is a bit further away but there’s not too much in it.

    Three Sisters (Ashton-in-Makerfield) looks like quite short laps but I thought that might be good in a way as I’d get to try and get better on the same bits.

    Also, any tips on what car I should try and choose (not sure what the options are yet)? I think I only get to drive for about 20 mins and I’m sure someone will tell me it will be rubbish but I’m quite looking forward to it. 🙂


    Three sisters is pretty small and tight. For me it’s better set up for bikes and karts. But, hey, what do I know?


    Used to do loads of car trackdays a few years ago.

    For me the choice would be Oulton Park, has lots of rise and fall and is a proper old school circuit.

    Donington Park is almost as good but it’s probably down to personal preference between the 2.

    Just avoid 3-sisters, it’s a Kart track. They use it for lots of car experience days but I could never bring myself to use it in a car.


    Having raced at all three … Oulton park.
    Donnington is a very close second.
    Three sisters is a `kart circuit… 🙄
    Oulton is a fine undulating natural track with PLENTY to keep you busy,whilst Donnington is wider, its not an easy track to get right – certainly not in a day. Oulton is VERY under-rated, flows better than Donnington so gets the Lasty nod …


    OK Oulton Park seems to be winning at the mo and it sounds like I should write off Three Sisters. Thanks again everyone.


    Having raced all 3 I’d say Donnington just edges it but agree Oulton is very good.(maybe loosing it in the tyre wall at Oulton affects my judgement)
    As others have said 3 sisters is a kart track


    +1 for Oulton Park over Donnington

    Premier Icon iain1775

    Having raced at two of them*
    You wont go wrong with either Donington or Oulton, depends which track at Oulton though as the short one misses Cascades and Island bends and the blast down the hill towards Knickerbrook

    (*on the playstation)

    Premier Icon benji

    Oulton is the best of the choices, it’s a nice undulating track (not as good as cadwell park, but what is), donnington is ok, as long as it’s dry, the dropped aviation fuel from the nearby airport make it a slither fest the minute it gets damp, and three sisters as has been said above it’s really a kart track.

    Premier Icon tricky dicky

    Oulton is a personal favourite. particularly with a Caterham type car.


    Ovulation Park for me. Donington is great but it’s a power circuit with long straights, very challenging but more entertaining if you now what you are doing and have lots of grunt.

    Oulton is like a mini Nurburgring. Undulating, twisty and challenging. You’ll have more fun 🙂


    Oulton Park definately

    Such an exciting circuit when you get it right and flows so well.


    If your not used to driving a track, then my advice would be go to one with simple corners ie ones you can remember, trying to drive a fast car quickly at the same time as not knowing where your going is much harder than you may think.

    As to cars.. Well IMO stay away from the super cars and get in a Caterham or single seater, much more fun.

    IMO the ideal for a novice is a Caterham with an instructor next to you. They will tell you how hard to push, when to break etc etc. You will end up driving much faster that way than if you go out by yourself. Caterhams also give great feedback, but are relatively forgiving cars.


    Thanks everyone.


    Pics please Grum


    GoPro footage please. 🙂

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