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  • Domino's pizza – taking the pi55 or what?
  • thegreatape

    Best tag I’ve ever seen.

    Big Dave

    Aye, but picture a Saturday night, kids just chucked into bed, beer cracked open, nothing sorted for tea dinner (sorry, my wife is trying to make me posherer) and picking up a phone is easier – then I can swig my beer and relaaaaxxxx….

    Being the typically well nourished, fit and healthy STWer that I am I have a stack of pizzas in the freezer 😉

    Forward planning my man, thats all it takes.


    If your guy somehow found a way to make a lot of money out of it that didn’t involve 18 hour days, 7 days a week, then fair enough.

    2nd busiest Dominos in the UK pretty regualarly at the time. He did work VERY hard though yes, but that was his plan, work hard then retire.

    I used to quite regularly take home £60+ for 3-3.5 a hour shift, after I’d paid my fuel (Owner driver) £50 was a poor shift.

    Wages were £5/hr (This is 8/9 years ago) + 10% of your takings as a bonus/milage, which went up after 20 deliveries + tips. Bonus was paid in cash on the night, so no tax, same as for tips.

    It was good money even for the drivers. 3 shifts a week basically enabled us to buy our first house…. 🙂

    Surely if the kids are in bed, you all ate dinner together earlier in the evening…..

    Not every week, nor do we eat pizza every week.


    make your own, you save loads and they taste much better, far less hassle than you think aswell.

    its all in the tomatoe base!

    make your own

    I do make my own (in fact we sometimes make them with the kids so stick that in your pipe and smoke it PP) but there is little wrong with treating yourself to a lazy night off and simple convenience food is there?

    its all in the tomatoe base

    I am thinking about trying one using reggae reggae sauce as a base – has anyone tried this? I am sure it will be delicious.


    PeterPoddy: blimey. That’s a lot more than I was making at roughly the same time.


    Making your own is better but requires a little forward planning as you need time to make the dough then let it rise.

    Premier Icon portlyone

    And get the OO flour…


    All these people banging on about making their own……

    ……can you make me one please and send it over about 7?

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 50 total)

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