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  • Dolce gusto or Tassimo
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    The wife has offered to get me one as a present (even though she cant stand the smell of coffee) (lots on offer @ argos) .
    Looking to spend upto £60
    Any recommendations


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    TBH s/h Nespresso for that money. Better than the others IME (sister has a Tassimo and we had a Dolce Gusto.

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    I’d say Tassimo.

    I would say I appreciate nice coffee, and although the tassimo has a lower pump pressure than the dolce gusto the taste of the coffee is a lot better than the folce gusto. It’s not quite the same as a proper espresso but it’s quick and easy and there’s a good variety of discs available, and it makes pretty good lattes as well if you prefer milky coffees .

    We initially bought a dolce gusto as when I looked into it lots of people said this gave better crema and was better as it had 15 bar pump, but to me the coffee taste was terrible. Took it back ( said it was faulty!)and swapped it for a tassimo.

    The machines themselves are all pretty similar, you can stop the drink early to make it stronger or add more water by pressing the button at the end. They are all on offer on websites like Amazon or argos, just pick one that has a water tank size to meet your needs. We got the T40 from argos.

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    Get an Aeropress. Much cheaper initially and for the long term (coffee/pods etc). I haven’t used my Nespresso machine since I got it and I recently bought another to keep in the camper.

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    I love my tassimo for what it is. Nespresso is no doubt better for proper coffee but the tassimo will do decent (enough) espresso, latte, euro style black coffee and hot chocolate from one little machine. Pods aren’t ridiculously expensive either.

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    Aeropress or how about this:!3391!3!55105097124!!!g!91079211444!&ef_id=VBhDEgAABXmrGk3Q:20150110180236:s

    It will take pods (if you must) but is a proper espresso machine. Pick up a grinder at a later date for fresher coffee.

    My only experience of pods is the Dloce Gusto ones and I can’t drink them. I’m not a coffee snob, I have been using a normal coffee press for years.

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