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    does anyone ride one? Also there seem to be quite a lot of different models on their website, does anyone have a clue what models are aimed at who? Ta


    I have an Ares SL which is there ‘race’ bike. To be honest they are a really helpful bunch if guys if you ring the shop they would happily fill you in on the models etc. lad there called Stephen is very helpful.




    I got an old Hercules, back when the Hercules was basically the same as a Mythos but with a tighter weave carbon. It’s very racy with a long top tube. I did a bike fitting session at a local shop and they were surprised how long it was, even for a 6′ 3″ guy. If I’m honest with myself I’d admit that I would probably have suited something a bit more comfortable.

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    I’ve got one, I use it to deliver orange squash bottles.

    It’s nice


    I was looking at an Ares SL. £900 and interest free option.

    The normal Ares is quite heavy at 1200g plus fork for a race frame. Apparently the SL is nearer the 950g level but there isnt much details on that and the site shows the non sl data for it.


    I’ve got a mythos frame snd run it with columbus carve forks & 105 groupset.

    For what I use it for (60-70 miles) it’s brilliant. I find it really comfortable

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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