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  • Doing a car boot sale – any tips or advice?
  • yossarian

    get there super early
    take a table to put your stuff on
    take a chair to sit on
    group stuff into price ranges
    don’t budge on prices til at least 10am
    prepare to be haggled by professionals 🙂


    Don’t buy anything from any of the other stalls.
    Take a book to read for when you try and get off the site.

    Sell very cheap and you will do okay, if you ask for too much they will lose interest very soon. probably 70% of traders will also be selling kids stuff so you usually have to give the stuff away.
    You have to get the parents attention with your table so tools for the dads and womens clothes, make up, perfumes for the mums.
    If you dont want to bring anything back then try and sell whats left to a trader who does it full time, but again you will have to give it away for peanuts or if you want a bit of fun then leave it in boxes and drive away abd watch the vultures swoop and fight over what you have left 😈

    Watch out for the other traders when you’re first setting up – we had several with their thieving flay-hunters in our bags before we’d even started unpacking; “Where’s yer gold? Got any gold mate? Any jewellery?”

    There were two of us, so one stayed with the stall whilst the other unloaded, but we still lost a few bits and bobs – digital watches and suchlike.


    …and try hard not to punch any of the idiots going “how much for this?” whilst you’re unpacking the stuff out of the car, 2hrs before the sale actually opens…

    Price low, sell quick, get the hell out of there…

    EDIT: Much like user-removed has just said…

    And don’t forget to take plenty of ‘float’

    But the real important thing is, as stated above, get there the night before if you can. Most of them are dead from about 11am onwards.


    Get there early doors, the vultures will swoop round your car before you have had a chance to unload! So be prepared to start selling before you have enven set-up.

    Take lots of float and empty plastic bags.


    help to pack the stuff into the boot, then leave the mother in law and wife to do the selling!

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    Don’t bother taking any electrical stuff unless you don’t mind getting peanuts for it. And yes watch out for the vultures offering to help ‘unload’ your car.


    waihiboy – Member

    help to pack the stuff into the boot, then leave the mother in law and wife to do the selling!

    great tip 😉

    Premier Icon jam bo

    take it all to a charity shop and do something fun instead.


    Planning to do my first car boot sale this weekend!

    Going to try and sell some of the toys our kids have out grown, as well as some of our home clutter, records, cameras, cloths, bike bits etc..

    Just wondering if anyone here has done one and got any good tips as to do’s and don’ts



    Take change with you… nothing worse than someone giving you a £20 note at 8am…

    Yes, the vultures…


    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Don’t sell before the gates open, if another stall holder offers to buy something off you at your price it’s worth more! Large amounts of Duplo/Lego/Sticlebricks etc. should be broken down into smaller lots.


    go very early, take plenty of change, if you get to the last hour or so with stuff still left, start shouting around and lowering your prices. you don’t want to bring anything home with you. Stare at immigrants clothing their children straight off the rack.

    That’s advice for your wife by the way, you need to get out and go for a ride instead.


    Lots of good tips there, when I do a car-boot, I tape the curtesy-light switch, so that i don’t get a flat battery, also i take a bit of old carpet to stand on, because depending on weather your feet can get pretty cold.

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    I did a car boot once. I reversed in and sold my engine.


    advice? Make the most of it. You’ll probably swear you’ll never do it again, scum of the earth that go to these things, want everything for 10p!


    Make sure you go on the right day. Theres nothing like the dissapointment you’ll feel should you arrive on the wrong day. Yep Ive been there…..

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Pack your table last.
    Open boot, grab table & lock boot.
    Then put the table up as a barrier.
    Unload car one box at a time then re-lock car.
    Seriously, I had some pikey old bag climb in the front of the car once, she **** stank.
    Oh, & guard your cash pot with your life.

    And get ready for plenty of “50p is good price yes” from the illegals.

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