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  • DOH! Accidental MTB BB30 purchase
  • yorkshire89

    Nobody will admit to that! 😆


    I’ll start with a little story.
    I have a brilliant Cannondale Caadx Cyclocross bike. Brilliant. It’s my commuter. The other day, without very much warning, it went EEEKK< GGGRRRHHKKK< SNNUUURKKK CRACK!…and the cranks went all wobbly. I limped home to find one of the races had exploded.
    No problem, purchase some new bearings, fit ’em, back on we go. Except now the non-drive side crank wouldn’t stay tight.
    I tighten it up a few times and then on the way home the crank falls off. Thread stripped. I’m assuming this was related to the bearing failure. Or not.

    Anyway, I’ve now got 7 miles to ride one legged. As I lurch along, some joker on a mountain bike passes me. He’s going quite quickly and I’m sorry, but no-one passes me.

    So if you were passed by a guy cycling a silver CX bike with only one leg then
    a)Sorry, it’s a failing in my psyche.
    b)A guy cycling with one leg is faster than you.

    So then, after a few beers it has to be said, I purchase a new set BB30 cranks from ebay which upon arrival turned out to be MTB so they’re much wider and stronger looking.

    I don’t care what they look like but will they fit my CX bike?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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