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    It would appear that this is normal behaviour, our first Yorkie had the same “bitch” (a Santa dog) for 15 years – he was neutered at about one year old. Our current Yorkie also has a high sex drive with one of the 101 Dalmations (stuffed toy from the Disney store) – again he was neutered after a year (he’s now two). I’m not an animal psychologist so not sure what the answer is

    I’m now on my 8th dog in 30 odd years, brought each one from cradle to grave and this one is the only one who is showing some really weird traits that i’ve never experienced before.

    He’s an 8 month old Malshi (shih-tzu- maltese cross) and has come started to hump! He’s now well ‘developed’ and he’s happy to pop his lipstick out at any opportunity 😆

    He has a sausage dog draught excluder which he bangs all day and all night, taking breaks (and this is the weird bit) he then lies with it in his mouth as if he don’t want to let it go, almost as if it’s prey he’s caught..

    Now, he’s doing exactly the same with his fleecy bed, ragging it around, humping it, then lying with in his mouth then ragging it to bits again.

    Is this some sort of dominance issue? Do we need to be removing his ‘partner’ to remove the attachment to them?


    I understand this can sometimes be about dominance. A friends neutered bitch has quite a humping habit.

    It’s pretty grim seeing a fat beagle going to work on a cushion!


    I had a (bitch) westie that did the same!!

    Adhesive sandpaper?

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