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  • fasgadh

    And then there are squirrels – nearly took one out on Betty Blue a few years back – could have been messy. It was a “good” squirrel.


    Fair play, but I don’t think people are actually transporting the squirrels to the tracks.

    I could be wrong though. 😯


    This one time, I did a thing that someone didn’t like.

    I couldn’t hear them though ’cause i had my headphones on down the Red at Nevis Range.

    Comme Ci, Comme Ca, i didn’t moan about the terrier on the boardwalk ’cause Robert Plant was telling me to Rock n’Roll.

    Everybody’s a bit rubbish now and again. Life is good.

    Premier Icon bigthorn

    Had a woman scream at me to slow down as she tried to control two westies while walking up a bit of rocky singletrack against the flow in dalby a while back, didn’t even reply I was that shocked to see her


    Dogs on trails is incredibly stupid. Yeah, you love your dog, you love your bike, why not do both? Well, don’t complain next time when your dog suddenly jumps from behind the three and I spill it’s guts all over the landscape, before hitting a tree myself, trying to avoid the dog in the first place.

    Last time I was there, I had several near hits (Why do people insist on calling them near misses? A collision is a near miss!) with dogs on the DH runs at Aston Hill?!


    with dogs on the DH runs at Aston Hill?!

    Yeah, that’s just barking.


    I canine believe this tail.


    My doggie rides with me and my mates quite regularly, there was the odd occurence when she first started riding with us but once she got used to the clipless thing she fine, and she gives most of my riding buddies a run for their money, her helmet keeps catching on her ears on some of the gnarrrrrlier stuff tho,
    Seriously now, why dont you just ring your bell? Thats what its on your bars for 😉

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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