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  • Dog walkers!! Grrr
  • Carpe diem

    There I was today out today for a quick spin around ‘The Wall’ at Afan before the rugby started.

    Bombing along the first open section of the Zig Zags and there was this stupid woman walking her dog UP the path!?!?!!?!?!?

    Luckily I clocked her in time to slow down.Told her in no uncertain terms she was on a downhill single track and needed to get out of there pronto.

    There was a large group just behind me…. hope she paid attention.

    Some people!?!?


    Cycling along today on a dedicated cycle path,2 overweights coming towards me with two overweight dogs, they made no attention to move out of the way or control their dogs, so i didnt see any need to tell them a drain had burst further down the track and was now gushing down the wall of the railway cutting making quite a deep stream, the full width of the path, and a few inches deep.

    Theyd probably create a tidal wave.

    Hey ho.

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    Cheeky(dog) anyone?


    I was running around Arthur’s Seat, on the downhill I encountered cyclists riding UP towards me on the footpath, in the dark, so I got blinded by their lights before I worked out they weren’t peds and almost crashed into them as they struggled to make room…the road had been closed to cars so there was NO justification for them being there.




    Had a similar experience to OP on the final descent at Brechfa, old couple walking their dog up the trail, I stopped and told them that they were walking on a mountain bike only trail, they had the cheek to tell me that they knew this but didn’t have anywhere else locally to walk their dog!! I was literally speechless. Not that i’ve paid that much attention but I think Brechfa actually has a walking trail anyway?


    Could be the same old couple I saw at Brechfa saying they were entitled to walk their dog there despite me pointing at a sign saying no pedestrian access only 2m away from them.

    I told them to watch their backs as bikes will be flying down there but they just shrugged their shoulders and carried on.


    If so i expect they must get to chat with a fair few mountain bikers! It’s a wonder they haven’t been run over yet.

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    The worst dog walkers I’ve ever encountered were in Todmorden Park during the Tod Cross CX race. I’ve marshalled the event a couple of times and we’ve had dog walkers tearing the course down and one guy walking his dog right down the middle of one of the paths in spite of me and another marshal first asking and then telling him not to as there was a race on. They just assume that they’ve got some God-given right to walk their dogs there, the do it every day and they will do it today as well, regardless of what else is going on.

    His answer was that if a cyclist hit him he’d sue but he seemed to miss the point when it was explained that the cyclist could sue him for being on the track and causing an accident.


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