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  • I think guide dogs wear nappies. But they’re quite discreet, hence why you’ve not noticed them before.


    Guide dogs all have a PooCrawler (c) installed.

    It’s a small device fitted inside the dog’s back passage that removes any need for the owner to “pick up” after the animal.

    The PooCrawler uses the power obtained from the small amount of calories remaining in the poo via combustion of the poo to run a small pair of tracks that slowly propel it further inside the dog at the same speed as the dog’s passage tries to expel it. Thus meaning it’s retained in a stationary position inside the animal without any external (or internal) fixings.

    The only waste product is a small amount of water that it absorbed by the dog’s lower rectum (this has the side effect that it reduces the dog’s need to drink water).

    They’re entirely painless to the dog.


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    There’s a reason why it smells.


    These might be retarded questions and I apologise if I offend any blind people but if a guide dog has a shit on the pavement , A – How does the dog owner know ? B – Do they just have to bag up and feel around ? I was just curious that’s all .


    guide dog owners are exempt from anti fouling legislation- however their dogs are trained to drop before going out and only in emergencies would a guide dog drop a log on the street.


    if a guide dog shat in the street would you:
    1) tell the owner?
    2) pick it up yourself?
    3) ignore it?
    4) roll around in it?

    Father in law trains guide dog pups and are taught ‘busy busy’ before they leave home and are trained to go in the same place to help the owner know whats going on. He used to disinfect the area afterwards to get rid of the smells.


    shame other dogs cant be taught the same way–save a lot of bother–mind you a lot of slugs would go hungry…


    3, then come back after dark for 4

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    Actually seen a blind person pick up after their dog on more than one occasion.

    I was properly impressed, but it makes me even more annoyed about the lazy dog owners who don’t.

    Agreed, taking our dog into the park tonight, crap everywhere and some only feet away from a bin. Its not bad dogs but………..lazy dog owners.


    Someone has to cut the grass they shit in. Having a strimmer fling muck all over you is not fair or fun


    My Aunt is blind, can’t move either leg or one arm so is in an electric wheel chair but she takes her self out with her dog (normal one not a guide dog) going along by memory as to where she is,where she needs to cross the road (or get on a bus) and she managers to pick up her dogs poop, don’t ask me how!!!

    That women amazes me and is such a source of inspiration.

    I suppose given a choice between pre-existing poo and a freshly laid guide dog poo it would be easy to tell even if blind.
    You go for the warm one.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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