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  • SiB

    Two dogs – a 6 year old Spanish Water dog and a 2 year old springer – a lively pair to say the least but have managed to stay away from vets!! Never had them insured and have not put money away for potential vet bills…..and now ‘panicing’ that I should have them insured for accidents and illnesses (doesn’t luck normally come to an end one day??)

    Just wondering what level of cover your dogs have – £4k, £8k, £12k maybe? and has that cover been enough?

    Any pointers and recommendations also appreciated, I want peace of mind for the dogs!


    recommendation = morethan
    pointer =

    (we went for morethan because it had the same, if not better, than petplan in all areas and was pretty much exactly half the price)


    Thanks Phil, have a quote from Morethan and seemed reasonable…£12k cover (£56/month) or £8k cover(£37/month). And more benefits with 12k cover such as lifelong illnesses covered………..are they scaring me to buy the dear policy??

    is that quote for both dogs or per dog?

    we did a comparethemoneysupermarket online thingy to get all the quotes and each part of the cover all compared to each other in handy tables.

    we pay 17 a month for the heftier cover… think we’re lucky that ours is a dirty little cross breed and we only donated 150 for him… no massive puppy costs or anything 🙂


    Those quotes was for both dogs…both pedigrees but got them for £200 each as favours from friends so no big outlay.

    Will try the comparethemeerkatssupermarket ones, thanks

    ahh the pedigree bit might be bumping up your quotes… once you’ve compared the quotes on the websites, its worth going to the providers own website instead of following the link on the comparison site. we found it ended up slightly cheaper each time 🙂

    also the websites own quotes tend to be a little more detailed and you’re less likely to be stung by ‘changes’ you have to make if you’d done it straight through the comparison site’s limited form.

    I beleive ours is with M&S 2 dogs one cat… cant tell you anymore than that.


    At the end of the day £56/month for two dogs is worth it……I’d just rather pay a bit less but still making sure its enough cover (although I realise I wont know if its enough cover until needed which I hope it never is)

    Will definitley go to the providers own sites, thanks


    We’re doing this over here today…

    But I’m on Petplan. Have 7k cover/year for life. Is about £30/month. Having seen Phil’s More Than recommendation on the other thread I took a look – and it seems like they are pretty much the same cover, except about £4 cheaper then Petplan per month – so i might think about switching when we’re up for renewal next month.


    My KC one for a Rotty crept up to £70 quid a month after 3 years, then went with AnimalFriends who were significantly cheaper (£30/month) – and the ones who ended up paying out about £12K in costs after she went terminal.

    Animal friends are great I use them for our two and they are cheap and pay up without a murmur.

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