Dog insurance

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  • Dog insurance
  • Will speak to a vet about but what is your opinion? How much should I get cover for for each condition varies widely from 2K up to 7K

    I went with the RSPCA insurance in the end, at the time it was almost as cheap, if not better than PetPlan.
    Worth it if you can’t afford to be paying a big bill, should something happen needing expensive treatment.
    Whether or not you need it for your dog, may depend on its breed (i.e. is it likely to have inherent problems), and perhaps where you live & how the dog is exercised, etc…


    We have one dog that is limited to 6K, which gets maxed out every year. It’s surprising how expensive it can be, when they throw the book at your dog (not litteraly!). She does have very rare blood conditions and all sorts of other problems.

    Our other dog (much younger), is unlimited, but she is a working dog, peace of mind really.

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    Pet Plan generally seems to be the best. Virtually all include an excess circa £75

    If you use one vets it’s worth checking if they have a direct settlement arrangement with a particular insurer as it saves you paying the cost up front, filling in a claim form, getting the vet to sign it then submitting it to the insurer for reimbursement.

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    It’s also worth checking if the maximum applies to per condition per policy year, or if it’s a lifetime maximum per condition.


    at the time it was almost as cheap, if not better than PetPlan.

    If price is your main motivator then fair enough.

    On all previous threads I’ve stated that Petplan are the ones to go with and this has been upheld by the most recent trip to the vet. Currently we’re paying £36 per month for our 11 YO GSD who is on constant medication which costs 6 times that per month for one condition alone.

    Petplan haven’t complained and always pay promptly. There is no upper limit for treatment, there is no annual limit for treatment and they don’t cut you off for a particular treatment in the next policy year.

    Sure, if you want to save some money then go with M&S, DirectLine whoever – but if you want your dog to have the best treatment then go with Pet Plan.


    As IWH, we’ve had PetPlan for both our hounds. They have never argued claims, and pay direct to Ted’s vet.

    How much is she worth?


    as long as you declare her off the road and dont use her on the public highway you dont need it surely?


    Due to our dogs recent visit to the vets (apart from annual injections) his first in 3.5yrs for his bites we are considering getting insurance.

    In a real nice way and I dont want to seem uncompassionate but if my dog was costing 6k a year or had 6+visits a month for problems I’d question the dog(s) quality of life. Sorry, a neighbour has his westie on various painkillers and medication for diabetes and skin conditions. I’d prefer the sleep option once a dog loses its zest for life. Again sorry.


    No need to say sorry, you’re quite right – if she had lost her quality of life we’d have put her to rest long before now.

    She’s 11 but acts like she’s 3. She’s had both hips replaced by the UK’s top specialist in dysplasia (paid for without quibble by Petplan) and now she’s on medication to control her bowel condition and her arthritis. She has her long walks, she plays with her friends, she’s bright, happy and a fantastic companion.


    If the day ever comes that she’s not happy then we’ll stop. It’s that simple. Until that time if she wants to carry on then we (and Petplan) will do whatever it takes to keep her going.

    @ anagallis_arvensis – that, is a ridiculously cute puppy! 🙂


    She doesn’t have 6 visits a month, she gets repeat prescriptions and as the vets surgery is at the top of some woods with a couple of miles fun technical singeltrack I get to have a good ride on the way to & from collecting her meds 🙂

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