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  • Nick_Christy

    since having my dog from a rescue home, hes poo has been really bad.

    he has liquid poo, he has been to the vet and had jabs and pills for the last 3 months.

    hes now only eating potatoes and cottage cheese and was better for a little time but now has the problem again.

    hes not sick at all! just got back from a 4hr mountain trip and has so much energy and loves to play still.

    he had worms when we first got him but he had the pills etc and now hes got the probs again.

    any vets or ideas??



    The fact you’re feeding him potatoes and cottage cheese may be a clue

    Put him on whole food and nothing else if you offer up crap the dog will eat it

    I seriously hope you don’t have children

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    What sort of food did he have before, ie dried or tinned?

    If he has a delicate stomach, it may well be worth trying Chappie as it’s not rich like Pedigree Chum etc.

    Potatoes and cheese doesn’t sound good.

    don simon

    I seriously hope you don’t have children

    I would agree with the solids in place of potatoes/cottage cheese and definitely not the children, if you have them…


    2nd for chappie, vet put our old dog on it with a sensitive gut.
    boiled rice and plain boiled chicken also good for them


    Try eating nothing but spuds and cheese for a week and see what your own shyte looks like.

    Premier Icon trout

    Whats all this about dogs with delicate stomach`s about

    they have acid about 20 times stronger than ours and can digest bones and stuff

    mines just dug up and ate a rib bone which I know he was given it 3 months ago .and his poos are a pleasure to pick up

    try feeding him on the stuff it would eat in its natural environment

    not spuds and cheese Dairy stuff is well known for giving dogs the trots .


    don’t feed your dog human food……our westie had problems with sloppy sh!te..and we found out the people that had him before us used to feed him what ever they ate and it took us ages to get him off it and stop him begging for our food

    we tried just dried food and he got bunged up so he now eats tesco’s own dog food or winalot, with a little dried food and mix it acording to how sloppy his sh!te is

    certain dog treats will do it also

    my advise is get him back on dog food and dog treats fast, no matter how much he refuses


    Burns complete is the best ive used.



    Recommended this by a friend who runs a kennel – ex police dog handler (not that that matters, I guess).

    Our dog (lab collie x) is 7 and has been on this since we had her. Ran out once so went to Tesco and bought her some other dried stuff, can’t remember what, it was in a yellow bag, stuggled to pick up the debris the day after – not pleasant. Back to burns the next day, back to normal.
    I think it’s more expensive than most, but she’s worth it!
    Occasionally she has a bit of boiled pasta when we’re camping, but other than that always just Burns, same flavour, twice a day.


    Sweepy beat me to it.

    Premier Icon vondally

    sensitive stomachs……well what breed pedigree or mongrel? some dogs will take ages to find a brand that agrees with them, also check the contents of the dried food, more protien more active dog, more ash more poo.

    agree with boiled rice and dried food, combination of 75 rice to 25 food bunged ours dogs up, dalmatian and then collie. Dalmatian would eat anything and then eject its bowels with a vesuvian expolsion. Collie could not stomach anything with fish in it.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Dogs are lactose intolerant.

    Don’t feed them dairy


    the cottage cheese and potatoes was the recommendation from the vet….. so thanks for that 😉

    this is confirmed here also so, cant be that bad can it. (dont have children comment, clearly a prick!) 😉

    im guessing he was on dried food. we tried a whole lot of different food since different brands, cheap and expensive. bit at a loss at the moment …..

    is burns an english brand? might take a look and see if i can get it here.

    btw hes a lab mix, 1 year old


    dried food all the way,… someone said rice, that can make them vomit!

    mines just dug up and ate a rib bone which I know he was given it 3 months ago .and his poos are a pleasure to pick up.
    It`s never a pleasure mate!! 😆

    I use Drjohn i have a 4 year old black lab here is in prime condition.
    I know to very well respected breeders who use this and it`s cheap!!
    Here`s a link to wear a buy it:

    Cheers and good luck! 😀


    Welsh brand. Not sure if it’s hugely available – Tesco, Sainsbury etc.. We buy ours from local pet shop – my LPS!

    I’m sure there will be a stockist list on the link above??


    Why is it bad to feed your dog human food??

    we have just started feeding our dog left overs for breakfast. we have a full house and leftovers are normally quite small but all piled together makes a nice doggy meal.

    normally inc meat, potatoes and veg gravy stuffing all the usual stuff.

    he does eat butchers for diner though (and normally wiskers if the cat is not hungry.

    oh and his offerings are still solid and look “normal”


    James Wellbeloved is a hypoallergenic dog food, Arden grange is also good
    When our dog gets the runs we give him boiled fish and rice.


    The trouble with most dog owners they don`t research about diet…
    Here`s some info:

    elaine anne

    yep boiled rice will help and dried food….. dogs biscuites in abundance (my eldest dog seem to have wet doggie poo for ages then i changed his dog biscuites and the odd bowl of rice….he seems fine now…
    ps my youngest dog did sommet funny otherday- i opend the back door for him to have a wee late at nite and cos he didnt want to go out in the pouring rain he weed on my doormat wen the door was wide open (posh bas…d… lol 😉
    do try the rice tho…


    Often dogs from rescue centers come from home where they where not fed proper food ect, this can make them poop some pretty nasty stuff once on a proper food, try the dog on some sensitive food or James wellbeloved burns. I have a kennels, we take in strays and this is pretty common with rescue dogs, it often takes a while for dogs to get use to proper food so its unlikely to get sorted overnight. good luck< hope you get it sorted soon..


    Stress is a major factor for dogs as well as changing their food regularly. Look online pick a reputable brand with the correct protein level for the breed of dog you have and stick with it. Variety is not the spice of life when it comes to pet food. Differing levels of bacteria in different brands of food cause upset tummies. It’s taken 3 months for our rescue greyhound to settle down and his poo’s are still runny sometimes. Dogs need a good firm poo to keep there anal glands in trim. Keep the treats to a minimum.

    We used to feed Eukanuba or Burns. We’ve now moved to ‘Barking Heads’ with no drop in condition/performance.Excellent protein figures, and has been great for our eldest dog who has a touch of arthritis.
    I also feed them on raw chicken. I get whole birds for £1 or so from the nearby chicken factory shop, keep the breasts and then take a cleaver to the remainder and balance that off with some veg.
    Feed a dog crap and you’ll get crap crap. Feed a dog well and they will absorb all the goodness and produce nice, stiff crap…

    My puppy had a similar problem for ages when I got her, also being part lab she would tend to try and eat everything and anything.

    Every time she had a bout of diarrhea (sp?) I would starve for 24 hours (another vet recommendation) and then give chicken and rice or white fish and rice for a few days, that would clear it up completely for a week or month then it would happen again.

    After some trial and error she settled on burns-everything else seemed to upset her stomach,

    Now 2.5 years she hasn’t had an upset stomach for about a year or more.

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