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    You want one that goes round the chest, under front legs.


    Do you need to use a harness, we found a halti to be very effective.

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    Halti for me too on our lurcher. She has managed to back out of it but got into such a jumble with the straps and the collar kept it on.

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    Our whippet pup pulls so much less with a harness as opposed to a collar, however she has managed to “reverse” out of the harness a couple of times. Are some harnesses more secure than others? I’d like to keep using one but short of tightening it up even more it’s a little dodgy


    Use these on our labs and they are excellent … Great for the car and walking

    I would keep trying with a normal collar and lead, it takes time and patience but will pay off a million times over as the dog gets older. Have treats in your hand and use them regularly when it walks well and stop or turn round if it pulls too much. It took a lot of effort with our lurcher but has been worth it.


    + 1 for the Halti.

    Mrs Toast

    Harnesses are awkward for slender dogs. Our dog is a bit lanky underneath all of his hair and has a tiny pencil neck, which means he requires ‘small’ in collars and harnesses, even though he’s taller than a lot of the breeds that are classed as requiring ‘medium’.

    Harnesses are tricky though, because the small ones are fine in terms of girth, but just aren’t suitable for his proportions, and the medium ones are better in terms of his proportions, but are too loose.

    I discovered this when walking over Cannock Chase – over two hours without issue, then suddenly… squirrel! Then Benny effortlessly lept out of his harness, which comically whipped back into the extending lead handle, leaving me looking at it slightly gobsmacked as he ran around like a massive pillock. Local spectators found it highly amusing to shout “BENTON! BENTON! JESUS CHRIST!” as I called after Benny. -_-

    I imagine a whippet would have the same issue, being quite long but skinny? Not sure if you can get whippet specific accessories?

    I abandoned the harness and have been walking him just on the lead, taking him to training every week (over a year and still no bronze citizenship award…). He does walk a lot better on the lead now, but still goes bonkers if he sees a cat. I’m not sure why, whenever he does get close to one, he just has a sniff and gets punched in the face by it.

    we found a cheap one from pets at home was the most adjustable for our skinny neck big lungs dog, found it useful when using flexi-leads/long line when training recall, but then he leant he could put ALL his strength into pulling when wearing the harness as it didn’t tighten around the neck!

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    Harnesses are used so dogs can pull things – ala Alaskan malamute style√©…

    What you want is one of these…

    Fits to the dogs neck as it grows and with correct use and training will have most dogs to heel in hours. Once you’ve trained the dog/handler, the lead will be hanging loose until a correction is required.

    +1 for a halti. Please buy…..


    martingale collar for sighthound or just train the dog instead


    We got a harness for our dog because she has a bad back and the vet recommended one over a normal collar. Took her to pets r us and they fitted her with one. It’s been great. The only time she’ll ever pull anyway is when she sees a cat but she’s never managed to get out of it.

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