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    Ok lots of dog lovers on here ūüôā What are you feeding your furry friends?

    My 3 dogs can be quite fussy I’ve tried

    Royal Canin

    And god knows how many other dry/kibble types of food.

    We add small amount of good quality wet food/tuna etc and water to kibble.

    They start to get picky after few days and turn noses up ūüôĀ

    On week two of this stuff and boy I’ve never seen them so excited when prepping the food !!

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    Thread from the other week

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    Tried heating it up?

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    I just let them out to attack the passing school kids for their lunches. You do get a fair bit of tinfoil at the other end but the dog seems happy.

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    Mine is partial to cyclists and runners.

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    We feed ours Eden kibble, various flavours available. He loves it, still bounces about every meal time in excitement.

    Other than that, the odd bit of raw.

    And socks.

    And slippers.

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    Oh aye mods delete please having a senior moment !!

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    Free range chicken kibble (McAdams), luckily he’s a small-medium dog otherise it would be prohibitively expensive for us. Very good food though. Also some fresh meat and the odd plate of microwaved frozen pollock to add variety/change.

    He also likes a few veg snax now and again. Especially baby tomatoes, sweet pepper chunk or boiled pumpkin with rice to calm an upset stomach. We got a ‚Äėlucky‚Äô dog (a runt with IBD) so have to be careful. He doesn‚Äôt fare well at all on tinned dog-foods hence finding McAdams.

    The (especially cheap end of the scale) pet food industry is vile by the way. although things may change for the better

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    Ours loves chicken and rice. Most weeks I will cook something using chicken and rice as base ingredients so I dry-fry the off-cuts of chicken and do extra boiled rice, mix it up and give her some to supplement her kibble. Sometimes I put some egg in too, but not regularly.

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    80/10/10 raw. DIY or from Paleo Ridge/Just Naturally.

    The occasional treat of whole prey (mainly rabbit or fish)…that’s always fed outside!

    The occasional topping of raw egg/shell and a bit of veg.

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    Yora here, she likes it, looks healthy and solid poo!

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    My mum’s dog would only eat Morrison’s own brand food, not even the decent stuff.

    Sister‚Äôs lab isn‚Äôt too fussy ‚Äď generally a dried kibble (not sure which one), oh and shoes, rocks, slippers, toys. He did have to have a specialist diet as a pup as came with a nasty bacterial infection that took months to clear up.

    I didn‚Äôt realise dogs were so fussy. Try having cats. Our fussiest being a ‚Äėrescue‚Äô that lived wild for about 9 months. Felix ‚ÄúAs Good as It Looks‚ÄĚ or **** off !! He does go mad for bacon, cheese, chicken and plastic ham.

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