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  • Dog Attacked – legalities regarding vet bills? Are there any?
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    Good to hear you are one of those responsible owners.

    I would call them to advise them how much the bill was and ask them how they want to respond rather than send them the bill directly.

    Good luck.

    Seen many cases with severe injuries where the other dog owner denies all responsibility and refuses to pay the bill. Not so bad when the owner is sensible and has insurance like yourself. Not so clever when they have nasty injuries and limited funds.

    Oh well, she’s home now. Still very groggy from the GA and feeling thoroughly sorry for herself. 🙁

    But still in (more or less) one piece.

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    Sorry to hear about your dog.

    I think the first thing is to see if the other owner simply pays without question. If she does no problem.

    If she doesn’t, I may be able to offer some thoughts from my own similar experience. My dog was bitten by another dog which lunged at her as we passed on a path. She also required stitches and antibiotics. The bill wasn’t as big as yours but I saw no reason that I should pay for something which was someone else’s fault.

    Having visited her house and being told she would not pay, I wrote to the other owner and asked them to pay my bills. After perhaps 28 days (there is a ‘how to’ guide on one of the Small Claims websites) I wrote again and said if they didn’t pay I would take them to court to recover the cost. They didn’t so I chose to take the other owner to small claims court. At court the judge listened to the facts as we both explained them, then referred to the law before finding in my favour. The other owner had to pay both my vets bills and the costs of going to small claims court.

    As far as I remember there is a requirement for dog owners to keep their dog under reasonable control. I am afraid I don’t remember precise details of the law.

    I would write down the facts as you remember them and keep any paperwork such as the exchange of emails/texts.

    Hope the dog recovers well.


    Ooh that looks nasty! Healing vibes to Molly.


    Time to upgrade the wardrobe, Darcy….

    Our Westie, who was on his lead, was run into by an off the lead labrador. He hit our dog so hard he literally flipped him upside down, breaking his leg. The woman who owned the Labrador didn’t even apologise and instead decided to snub me explaining that her dog had been hurt previously in a similar incident (her logic was that because it had once happened to her dog, it was only fair it should randomly happen to someone else, somehow restoring balance to the universe).

    I threatened to call the police unless she left me some contact details. Once our dog was fixed up I insisted she pay the bills and advised that she hadn’t kept her dog under control and was therefore liable ( i was just making it up as i went along but i thought it sounded reasonable). She backed down after numerous calls and paid up.


    to open with…
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    bit harsh mate, not surprised she is on the defensive.

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