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  • Dog attack at Pitmedden forest
  • simonfbarnes

    with a name like that you seem to be asking for it…

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    I'm not over eager to go to the police if i'm the only one the dog dislikes


    Get to the police, and I say that as a dog owner.

    That's like saying "och, he only savaged one wee kid, so it's not worth putting him down"


    I am afraid you have to report it.

    Remember its not the dog at fault, its the owner for not training it properly. Well trained and brought up dogs do not bite humans – its a real shame when this happens but it may be a bairn next time.

    That is a dangerous dog. Report it to the police.


    Maybe Smokie is on day release from Blairadam.

    Seiously it's a Police matter. I regret not caling thm after being bitten by Smokie. Turns out he'd bitten other riders at Bliradam too. Owner needed putting down too.

    I was attacked and this time bitten by an Alsatian in pitmedden forest on saturday (11/7/09). Its the second occation this dog has attacked, the first time it has drawn blood.

    I'm not over eager to go to the police if i'm the only one the dog dislikes, but i suspect that the dog has tried to eat more than one mountain biker.

    Please reply to this posting if the dog has bitten you too – a wee description of the owner whould let me know its the same dog, then we'll see how the police get on


    Really? I got bitten last night on a sunset ride on the South Downs – not seriously, but the owner looked shit-scared, which with hindsight might mean it wasn't the first time he'd had to apologise. Hadn't thought of it as a police matter.

    Trouble is, I've no idea what I'd say to the police – apart from a hazy description of the f88cking mutt. Rather than lose my rag at the guy, I just rode off, so I've no details at all.

    ANyone actually reported something like this? What happened?


    Premier Icon swavis

    As a dog owner as well I'd recommend you report it. The dog will only become more willing to attack humans if it continues to get away with it.
    The next person/child might not be so lucky.


    Got bitten, dragged off my roadbike by a dog and still have the scars in the back of my thigh. I went to the police station straight away; I knew the address because the owner was standing outside her house with said dog on a lead at the time. She was pulled over during the incident.

    The police came round and said it's up to you; we can go round and give the owner a proper talking to, or you can press charges using a solicitor.

    I was in the BCF, so I chatted to their solicitor and she said that they would sue for something along the lines of £2000, ripped bike clothing, permenant scarring etc.

    The incident was a freak; the lady was putting her bins out, with the dog on a lead and I think I scared the dog, which acted to protect her.

    I asked the police to go round and have a word, didn't see the point in making an old woman pay me £2000.

    I did ride past a couple of years later and I swear the **** thing winked at me from the window…


    a lab attacked me a while ago, but i followed its owner to his car and took down the reg.

    my mate got nibbled by a jack russ on a ride earlier in the year, i told him to mtfu and stop crying like a baby. when we examined his ankle after the ride there was a sizeable chunk of flesh was hanging off


    And what if when the next time the alsatian takes a dislike to a cyclist, it's an 11-year old on his BMX ?

    Report it, please.


    I did ride past a couple of years later and I swear the **** thing winked at me from the window…

    I lol'd 😀


    Leaving aside the damage issue, I thought that plod have the power to do a lot more than just going round and having a word [and tea and biccies?]. I thought that once a dog has been reported for attacking someone it can be put down if the owner allows it to do it again. Should really put the owners down as well.

    The one time it happened to me I let it go although the f****er drew blood. A friend who is in the force later said I really should have reported it. I'm big and ugly enough to deal with it, but you do get youngsters out there on bikes, which is what seemed to set this one off.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Report it dogs don't carry grudges.


    'pop a cap in it's ass'

    Seriously, report it or it could be more serious next time it attacks. I was chased by a Doberman, on part of the national cycle network. The owner was powerless over the dog, and histerical. I got away with it – just, it was a harrowing experience. I reported it to the police, who put me in touch with their dog people, they paid a visit to the owner, gave them a stiff talking to, told them to keep the dog under control in a public place etc. Now, I ride past in bliss – not had a problem since, that was five years ago or more.

    Reported. I'll post as it progresses

    Premier Icon Dougal

    Let us know what happens with that one, sounds like it's not just the local mutants that make Pitmedden worth avoiding on your own.


    Dogs get one bite in their lifetime. If it happens a second time, any responsible owner would have them put down. It's heartbreaking to do, but you've got to.


    Just read your post….twice in Pitmeden I've been chased by an Alsatian. Once was pretty minor, once the fecker kept at me for the best part of a mile and took me of my bike, didnt actually bite me though.

    Both times they were being walked by a couple, didnt really get much of a look at them. They were walking with two Alsatians one very dark almost black the other….that chased me looked like she was still pup. Slowed right up and gave them plenty of warning so i didnt startle to dogs too.

    This was a while ago….probably Feb/March time, not seen them there recently though.

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