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  • Does this sound like a hub issue??
  • Fitted some new tyres on the full-suss MTB last week which are a slightly larger diameter than the old ones – nothing major, and still plenty of clearance.
    Noticed that occasionally the rear was making a noise that immediately sounded like the tyres were rubbing on the frame.

    a) The tyres are muddy, and there was nowhere on the tyre that was free of mud / indicated that the tyre had been rubbing anywhere.
    b) There was no relation to the noise happenning when the suspension was compressed – which I’m assuming would be the most likely time for the tyres to be rubbing.
    c) The noise only occurs when I am freewheeling and stops when pedalling. For instance I was able to get the noise relatively easily when freewheeling on the road back to the pub – i.e. suspension not in compression at all.

    Does this sound like a hub issue? Never had an issue with any hubs to know how it manifests..


    Probably your freehub bearings on their way out. Depends on the type of hub as to what the fix is, but most are easy enough to sort out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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